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2 3D or not 2 3D

Posted by MindChamber - August 1st, 2011

So Osuka and I are planning to tagteam his next NG 3d project, which will consist of the winners from his 3D munny competition
I meantioned the idea of making it viewible in 3D as well. I mean sure, its a gimmick but its a fun gimmick .Obviously there would either be two versions of the animation, or a hefty animation with options to play both.

So on my free time I rendered out the final QTE sequence from the Mbot game's final boss, and the results were pretty good

So I guess the real question is, what do you guys think?
should I save my loot and not bother grabbing the 3D conversion software, or would it be worth your time to grab one of them dollar paper red and blue 3D glasses for a lil NG 3D fun?


If everybody on their homes has 3d glasses, that would sure be fun. But I know most people don't have and would not bother to get any so my vote goes for the non-3d version.

Still, your money, your decision. I'm just looking forward to that awesomeness.

I say pass on the whole 3D gimmick. Yeah it's fun, but how will everybody be able to see it?

Three dimetional stuff is cool

Prob. worthwhile to see ONE 3D Flash movie,
after that I'd have no interest.

I don't own 3D glasses, so I wouldn't be able to appreciate it when it comes out, anyway.

3D's a total gimmick, and I'm surprised this current spurt has lasted so long.

I share a similar opinion to PigeonOnAStick.

A 3d cross-eyed version would be cool.

But then again, most people won't want to/be able to look at it like that the whole time.

I'm pretty sure most people have the ability to view it in 3D. You could always do it as a fun little thing, but remember that you probably won't reach out to most people.

Keep it classic. No 3d.

I think itd be fun to see a 3d flick on the site.

If anything you can walk away knowing that you went the less traveled road. I think regardless of it being gimmicky, i could see some fun things that could come from it.

3D would be a good idea. But most people don't have 3D glasses. I say 2D

Looks fuckin hot!

I'm guessing you're asking because a part of you is curious to explore that avenue. That alone trumps the software or the 3D-glasses concerns.

If it's not putting a huge dent in your wallet, I say go with your gut.

The people who make the investment to find 3D glasses will enjoy it that much more, and you'll never have to wonder "what would it be like if the whole thing was in 3D?"

There's also the consideration that were you to make it in 3D, there is the possibility of drawing an audience outside of the NG community that seeks-out such animations.


true dat.. The software is actually pretty cheap, besides this will be sort of like bonus material, the original flash will definitely not need them

Since you're asking for opinions I'll give you mine, not to mean that it's the right one, but I personally HATE the 3D thing, for many reasons I can't be bothered explaining, but, I trust everything you put out there so ultimately it will be the right descision. *encouraging thumbs up*

its all good, this would ultimately be just a bonus option,

OOoooo man i gotta start submitting my animations...
watching this gets me soo pumped.

i may have the 3D glasses but if it takes longer time, money, and render quality i'd say skip the 3D red and cyan. though as cool as it would be to have a feature, it may in the end chew up valuable resources for the final product.

thanks for the update!


I hate the 3D crap. It doesn't really add anything to the experience, a great film is still a great film whether or not it's got stupid scenes that were clearly designed to help whore out 3D.

I can't wait until medical research discovers that 3D actually increases your risk of brain tumors or something, and all this nonsense goes away.

I can see myself fitting among the crowded lines of the 3D Haters, I personally find it a simple and not-so-original way to try and give some breath to those big mean movie companies, and by breath i mean cash, so my vote goes to 2D. Keep anyway up the good work!

I dont get how anyone's gonna see it

they would have to get the glasses,

most come free with cereal box prizes. it isnt that hard

People say 3D is a gimmick, That maybe true but's not gonna go away that fast.
If that were true if would have all been dead by now. Personally I think 3D will become and integral part of viewable media, eventually. When the technology comes to a point when you don't need glasses for anything, it's standard on everything, and it doesn't give those with glasses headaches then no one will act like it exists and only complain when it's not there... Happens all the time.

The real question is are you willing to support 3D Technologies by taking advantage of them. I personally think that 3D video has the potential to add something to an experience. Especially when it's glasses-free 3D.

At the moment I don't like the Idea of the 3D video because right now it's horrible. But people have to remember that's fairly new Technology. Not the concept of 3D video but our current implementation of it.

So I leave the choice to you. Are you in or out?

The Red/Cyan 3D doesn't really work anyway. I say this is a FALSE DILEMMA!

Yah 3D in general doesnt work for everyone,

the red cyan is working for me though

Go with the 3D glasses

If it's jut a bonus feature I say go with it.

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