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yeah baby YAH

thats hot man.

I love the dangling cables, and rivets, you really nailed the steampunk vibe. the smoke all around him is great too!

thats pretty damn sweet

I wish it were bigger so I could further appreciate the details.

omg shes so plump and delicious!

I love her!!

BizarroJoe responds:

Why everybody feels this one came out specially plump-y?
Well, I think there are two obvious reasons a) resolving torso, belly and leg with the same curve and b) the bust pressed against the floor.
But there's a third one I find really funny and curious: the fingers.
They are round and puffy, not so pointy and sharp like my other drawings... I didn't drew it like that in the sketch, but felt to redraw them like that when vectoring.
They sorta remember me to the girlfriend of Yogi Bear... Strange, isnt it?

I'm trying to vary this character frame to diverse body types... I'm still working on a design that fits for an illustration I owe to Stamper that depends in a "Not fat, but definetely not slim" type of girl... And I had a good idea for that! Dammit!

...And the candy colors are probably guilty for the "delicious" feel...

Anyway, I'm happy you're liking it! Stay safe, bro.

lol nice

Id hit dat

Razac responds:

I knew it wouldnt creep you out.

its even better in person!

awesome work man

LegolaSS responds:

why thank you, i got the idea from my early days on newgrounds watching your animations before i knew anything about newgrounds, i thought it would be a fitting theme that used "most" of the raffy :P... glad you liked it... now... im pritty sure i saw a empty raffy sized space on your table...

love the colors and linework.

but the perspective is completely broken, you stated this is an older piece, and Ive Favorited some of your other submissions. But I would love to see you remake this one with the perspective intact. right now she just looks kinda like a disfigured midget.

lockebelmont responds:

Yes, the left side leg and foot needed to be smaller to give the perception that her right side leg and foot are up closer.

nice work!

This is pretty badass!

peixeaquatico responds:


thanks machine man

so what exactly did you do?

you obviously used a reference but did you draw this by eye or simply trace over an image?

itsKris responds:

I wrote this in News on my profile, there was absolutely NO tracing. I printed out the reference picture, took a pencil and drew the basic lines to my liking, then scanned the drawing in and went to work in photoshop with my tablet :)


its crazy but I wanna enjoy it!

Sinitron responds:

h/o here's a link


if it screws up just remove any spaces or whatever

anyway the lineart is kind of dodgy (i drew this at like 2 AM) but the coloring is ok i guess (spent the next 2 hours coloring it and was done at like 4 AM) i don't remember why i made it but i think it was because anigen said i should paint more or something like that and i made this and told him to fuck off

something like that


i don't remember anymore

haha nice

love the details youve been adding to your stuff lately, keep it up

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