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haha nice

that was smooth man,

RetributionVox responds:

thanks bro.


that was pretty hot, and well put together. nice job

BigRed responds:

MuchasGrassyass ChamberOfMind

excellent piece.

i could picture hearing something like this on the lilBigPlanet soundtrack or something. really have that creative vibe.

misterscoops responds:

Whenever I really have that creative vibe, I like to take apart my television, and hide my kids' favorite toys and shit in there. Then I can never figure out how to reconfigure all the tiny electronic components, and then the shit don't work when its all put together again. I sit on the couch, gazing at my busted-ass tv, and wait for my kids to come home from school. Then of course they ask to play xbox. I'm all extra nice: "Of course you can play xbox because I love you so much. I love how you play xbox, your gonna be so successful when you grow up.". Then they can't play xbox cuz the tv is fucked up. Then I'm all like: "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO?!". Then they're all like: "Fuck you, dad! I didn't do SHIT!". Then I'm all like: "We'll just see about that!", and I throw the tv against the wall, and it explodes like a fuck'n piƱata. Hot Wheels cars, Tech Decks, and Transformers go rolling down the hall. Then I'm all like: "I FUCKING KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! Get your destructive asses up in your rooms. NOW! I swear to christ, if this shit EVER happens again, I'm going to sell you to old people." .


you dont enunciate your words at all, and it has nothing to do with your mic.

WorldOfStriker responds:

thank you for your review.
I know that im not so good, thats my first try ever and im not so sure with the english language. You have some tipps to improve?
is it only the problem that i dont enunciate my words?
i hear the voice acting again and you're right with the enunciate.
But if you say it, it's right. I mean you're MindChamber ^^

thats pretty badass

I think you did a great job man!

YouriX responds:

Thanks man! :)

nice work

really raw, and I liked the panning!

YouriX responds:

AWESOME!! Glad you liked it! :D

another excellent piece

i really like the subtleness of the melodies you put into your music and the glitching just compliments it perfectly.

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Thanks for reviewing more tracks. I try to bring a subtle, yet sharp vibe. Something that hopefully, infects the inner ear.

I actually love how conflicting this is

granted it isnt for everyone, but it gives me images of 16mm family films all happy, but as they play get becomes stretched and mangled as if theres something darker to these otherwise happy memories. Ill be downloading this one, and analyzing it for some time.


LLAAPPSSEE responds:

I agree, its probably not for everyone, which is fine.
That's a really great image, though. It's interesting you say that. Perhaps subconscious manifestations of my past are entwined unknowingly. I'd like to hear further analyzing if you'd ever want to fill me in.

I'd also like for you to hear the finished track, more so.

It'll be coming out September 13 on a full album. If you're interested in me hooking you up with the track. Let me know.

thanks for listening.


this is pretty hot! really like all the highs and lows this songs hits.

alextheDJ responds:

Thanks! :) I appreciate it


you hit my Transformers Season3/Planet Rock nerve

krssvr responds:

thanks! I made this Song with Afika Bambaataa, Cybotron/Model 500 and others in mind

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