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I can't believe how cool that was..

Considering how limited those sprites are,You emulated that scene perfectly!!
Every moment I watch I would wonder how you tackled the next scene, and I wasn't dissapointed!!
the mario sounds where great. and the points coming up from the luigis was an excellent touch!!

great job man!

Nice job Luis!!

Nice pacing and Direction there m'man!!

the room rotations where extra sweet!!..

the ending was kinda short, but thats because the flash had me wanting more!!!

great job man..


This is excellent!

The Voices, character development and storylines are all excellent..
and your timing and animation is improving with each episode..

This was alot of fun to watch.
and I cant wait for the next episode



This was really good

Sticks are not, you have great timing , and the animation flows very well
keep it up, cant wait for the next one

Once again, grade A work man,

I love the pacing in this one, its quick and snaps..
also your movement is tighting up..
looks like you jacked some Zombies from your Rain series, but the killing sequences are unique and original..Very cool shit man..
Glad you decided to Run with this Badboy, than wait for the rest of our herb asses,haha:)
Congrats on some awesome work..
can't wait for the best Dead Rain installment.


SickDeathFiend responds:

all the art was made for this, no jacking! *except for the swat truck*
cool you dig it >=D

I really try..

I really do try and see the humor in this..
but it's just not funny.. I think your clay animations are much funny.. and the timing are overall better in those..

maybe if you edited these a bit more, and play around with the timing and the punchlines, they wouldnt drag as much..
just a suggestion.

The weird part is I thought your resident evil one was hilarious. Possibly I've seen too many of these, and the style is staling up a bit..

Knox responds:

haha this is my last relaoded,im working on a clay series :)
im getting tired of making these any way

Where's my cereal bowl?

Its like watching a saturday morning toons!!

great Story

Awesome art!

keep up the instense work!

you did it again!

Once again, an enjoyable Piece with excellent animation..

great job pymp!

Great Work!!

nice pacing, and nice choice of shots, and really cool jpg backgroundds!

very cool series, and they improve with each new episode!!

looking foward to 6!!


SickDeathFiend responds:

Yeah those backgrounds are a pain.Part 6 should be alot better...I hope

This is Great!

Very Funny..
Alot of Diverse Voices..
and great timing.

my only suggestion is to take some time with Photoshop.. and blend out the make heads. and blur out the back mouths completely.. that way you have more freedom to move your characters without fear of revealing the bottom head..

Still this was a great job.. and was fun to watch.. keep the voices Diverse and this will allways be a Treat..

KNOX could learn a thing or two from you:)

Keep it up


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