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Im not sure if its my computer..

but every EbolaWorld animation I watch seems to crash on me.. Smokey the cigarette took almost 10 tries.. an to be honest.. Im giving up on this one... I know out of experience..mixing event sounds, with streamed ones don't work.. and not sure if you are doing this here...since it crashes to much for me to tell.. but you should have your flashes looked over by a tech.. cause damn that is seriously annoying..

Anyway goodluck

Wow what can I say..

That was a pure joy to watch..

ParagonX9 responds:

Hhehe Cool... I know you, You're the one who made the Classic 'Robocop PD'! ^_^

Good, I'm glad you liked it :)
Thank you!

Once again Ben!!

,,,...Nothing short of Awesome!
I loved it.. you time your piece to the music very well!.. Speaking of which I was going to use that very piece for my next submission!.

Well theres no way I can compete with that so its off to find another piece hehe..

BTW.. all your voices rocked.. Chick was a little Too sexy though Hehe..

"he's our Sav-ior"...mmmmmmm


Great work man..

This is a top notch Piece

Great Art,
Great Story,
Great Voice Acting,
Seriously awesome work..

and you Your lip sync, and mouth tween, is a serious achievement, incredible work man


FDA Baby!

That was a great Music Video! Perfect.. Well timed, Hillarious Lyrics, and a superb job of the animation and graphics from thistler and the rest of the crew....It was an honour to participate in such an incredible production...


I havent laughed this hard in a long time..

..Everytime I thought it was over, it just got funnier..
Great job, this will definilty n=be an NG classic..
And the voice acting was very professional..

once again awesome job

It's No surprize.....

That this shit gave me goosebumps!!:)..

it's made by one of the NG allstars!:)

See?.. making tributes aint so bad now are they?:)..(I know I know, Its not a tribute:)

I loved every minute of it..
great Timing and Pacing..Animation was smooth and exaggerated, with I think most serious short dont do enough of..
Your lighting and compostion was all on point..
You put alot of love into it and it shows.. Love the paper affect too..You have a great Eye for composition!.. Between you and Ben, your a Flash force to be reckoned with!.. Can't wait to see more..

BenSpurgin responds:

Thanks, Jo-Tiz! As always, means a lot when you review.
You're never going to let go of those couple of stinky, bitter reviews I wrote you, are you? ;) Come on... You know I love HOC as much as anyone!! 10 Dinotron's CAN'T be wrong ~(:P)

Nice Job Lee!

Great timing, and excellent pacing..
Your drawing skillz have improved also!..

Welcome home Bro!

pyropymp responds:

Hail the great Ortiz! Nice to see you too, dude.


I love Unreal, and any flash about kicks ass in my book!!..
My obly suggestion would be to use more weapons in you next flash, and use the sounds from the game,..
good luck!

Some of the Best StoryTelling in a long Time!


Where do I start?
Ok this was so well paced, and So well layered that I have to say you have the eye of a Director..
Funny, It was so well put together that I said to myself, "He must've Storyboarded This",.. and I was right.. (you see storyboad shot during the credits!)...
Great Work Man! I would love to see you try your hand in Directing others as well..
Hell, If I ever get free time again, It would be an honor to have one of my Shorts Directed by you..
Impeccable work my friend

Henrik-Hermans responds:

Heh, thanks for the offer but I only direct my own movies.

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