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MindChamber's News

Posted by MindChamber - October 5th, 2022

I'm posting this to gauge interest.

Tom has gotten a request, or two for Robot Day... The contest and Collab Board on NG is pretty packed..

I'm in the middle of a gig so my time has been pretty locked down, and I'm no longer working for USPS so I'm not making that sweet Fed Money, and can't drop the usual 500+ it costs for prizes and stuff.

But I DO have some stickers, a Pico pin, and maybe even a 3D Print for first place?

and maybe @Tom could throw in 3 1 year subscriptons for the winners?




(the print I send will be a new print and not the one pictured..It will likely be a bit bigger)

Holla back in the replies. I know this Day usually has a small turnout, but I've always been okay with that, I just don't like not being able to give out decent prizes. But hey, if you're okay with what I can offer, maybe we can squeeze a Robot Day in before the years out?

I've been doing robot day for over a decade, it would definitely be a bit of a bummer to kill it now.

So what's the verdict?


Posted by MindChamber - August 13th, 2022

Been kinda Quiet, but also busy so thats good.

I've been tapped to the VFx on this 2D Metroidvania indie game, so far it's been a blast..


Check out some of the video clips on their main account and if you're feeling it wishlist that bad-boy on Steam

And if you're at PAXWest this month, sashay over to the CC booth and try it for yourself

Progress on the Alloy FNF mod has been slow.. I still got plenty of art to do, but the real bottleneck has been trying to find a reliable Coder. Hopefully, that may have changed recently., but only time will tell.

Other Good news I working with an incredibly gifted unity programmer that is getting his hands dirty working on the Alloy Arena2 Prototype.. Right now hes basically incorporating all new features and functions using temporary art from the original game, but once we get more time to work on that Ill have more to share.

In the meantime enjoy this Alloy update of Alloys FootTap from the Mod


Posted by MindChamber - June 25th, 2022

Looking to commission either a haxflixel or a unity3D Coder to help us out with the Alloy FnF mod.. the final mod is still many months away but we are without a coder to get the basics implemented. bonus commission Cheddar if you know how to implement Texture Atlas Sprites, .. please DM me or link me to videos of mods you've worked on if you can, thanks again.

There have been some really good examples of the FNF engines out there being done in unity.. so if there is a unity programmer out there interested that would really open up what Id like to do with the mod in the long run.

serious inquiries in the comments please

UPDATE: Looks like we gott a Keeper! thanks everyone that Dm'd and offered to help, it was very much appreciated.

#fridaynightfunkin #mod



Posted by MindChamber - June 1st, 2022

Sup Everyone..

Update: thanks again for the DMs got some prospects, moving forward ✊🏽

I'm having a super hard time trying to rig my models in Blender and it's been kinda a bottleneck, Looking to commish someone whos good at rigging, and actually likes to Rigg, also if you use any blender addons like probones. etc let me know too.. my models are pretty jacked though so know you're going in working with some pretty terrible topology. If interested, link me to some samples of your work..(in the art portal or elsewhere), and if it's a match I'll DM ya details and price. thanks!iu_654615_48551.webp


Posted by MindChamber - December 13th, 2021

Who else is amped for this contest?

I seriously cant wait to see who gets the glow up in the submissions!



Humble suggestion mention if it's an OC.

If it's not an OC, link the character's cartoon, or game on the site, just for reference!


Posted by MindChamber - November 23rd, 2021

I'm looking for a programmer possibly "remaster" some older games,

Preferably someone who has a real knack for fighters and combo systems.

I will be making a lot of these characters as low poly models.

So I would like to do these games in a 2.5D style (think Street Fighter4 or DeadCells)

down the line, the plan is to convert the models into 2D sprites which I'd post in my assets page after the game has had its run..

The First Game I'd like to tackle is a remake of Alloy Arena..

you can play that here... Its a fighting arena-type brawler similar to Madness Combat.

. I'm hoping to have the same type of scoring system, based on combos and juggle time, etc.

and hopefully, add a boss in there.

The next game I'd like to tackle after that is a 2v2 fighter with only Pico school characters. with that game Im hoping to get something similar to "Head2Head"

Link me to any games you've made in a similar genre. If you don't have one maybe show an unfinished prototype?.

Alright, get at me while I still have some money left, lmao


Posted by MindChamber - October 30th, 2021

I've been getting a lot of requests for older stuff, like assets for games, fla's for older preloaders, and such..

I've been handing them out on a request basis, but it would simply be easier to have it located all in one place.

Some of the game assets link to opengameart.org but should that ever go away I'll make sure to post backup copies of stuff here. you're more than welcome to request items in the comments below, and if I have it I'll update the list.

Just remember I don't own the rights all to these characters. unless specified, If you plan to use this in any commercial fashion whatsoever you need to make arrangements with the original creators..


Tranforming Tank

Pico Day 2007

Pico Day 2008

Cartoons fla's

Pico's Unloaded

Flash /png Game Sprites

NG Rumble Characters

Simple Zombies

Madness Regent (BGs)

Madness Accelerant (BGs,assets)

Pixel Puncher royalty-free

Red Baron royalty-free

Dark Saber (from redbaron) royalty-free

Defector (from Red Baron) royalty-free

Pink Knight royalty-free

Jing royalty-free

Armored Squids royalty-free

Viking royalty-free

Trolls royalty-free

Shmup assets royalty-free

Heavy Terror Machine royalty-free

Night Strike royalty-free

Pico's school 2 files (heavy zip file, PSDs, Fla,s audio, etc)

Random Effects and Splatters

Madness Accelerant effects

Red Baron Effects

old Pico and Alloy Arena Effects

Unfinished Alloy .GBA Demo (more of a prototype really)

For the last 8 years I've been rummaging through my old files trying to find what I could put up for free, it was just this thing I was doing every year on my birthday. I'd love to keep up the tradition, and now that I'm a free agent again that's what I intend to do. I would love to just make free assets as my main job but I still got bills, so if you'd like to help me do this full-time my plan is I'll be posting any new assets first on my Patreon shop first, then post them here later on. Also, kofi tips would definitely be awesome, and if that's not possible, a simple credit for any of the art used would be hugely appreciated. :)

Till All Are one.

Here are some legit free animation programs:

which you are probably better off using





Plastic animation Paper



Posted by MindChamber - September 3rd, 2021

Ok Folks, This get harder every year, so Ill say again what I said last year:

"Just know I understand and appreciate the work that went into every submission, and if you didn't get placed just know this is all subjective, and I hope you had fun creating and keep creating."

Ok Lets hop on to the Winners


1st Place:

Shemmet's little series of a "Couple of Robot Boys" had me watching them over and over.. They're just little moments, in the lives of these two robot friends, but they are extremely well done, and make me want to know more about these guys. Here's hoping Shemmets makes more of them.!

2nd Place:

Quarl hits us over the head with another amazing banger!

It doesn't particularly tell a story, that's up to you.

its this soundscape vibe that's perfect for letting your imagination run wild in.

3rd Place:

Ozark knocks it out of the park with another eye-catching piece..

he needs to make a comic already!

hit me up with your PayPal Addys in PM guys.


Close Calls : (1 year supporter) in no particular order

1) ThePsycoSheep's

Animated Logo Design, is the perfect example of style and effectiveness.

its eye-catching and smooth and represented Robot Day really well.

2)aki-T144 nice fantasy feel, catching some Moebius vibes too!

3)MrPakoMan hitting us with that Max Fleisher-styled P-Bot!! Gotta Singa';

4) LexRodent & LuckyDee whipped up something a bit different, Bluesy yet still had that rustic Robot feel.

I could easily see this as a credits song in such Robot Western games such as SteamWorld Dig

5)Canucko Putting a light on I-Bots shy personality :3

Honorable Mentions. In no particular order

1)PsychoGoldFish I saw this and I was immediately transported back to the 80s staring at some super expensive transformers in Sears.. PG nailed the Box art aesthetic from those days perfectly.

2)Krinkles has been steading improving his craft and has just turned into this cyborg illustrating powerhouse.

all his robotic designs just keep getting more detailed and impressive every year.

3)HeavenBreak0 Obscene level of detail.. looks like a still out anime!

4)EinMeister's Mechanical Leg is intricate and possibly functional?

really great design Id like to see more of!

5)Chdonga made a fun little robot platformer where you collect junk to keep alive

Still have no idea who Clyde was though. :D

6) PredatorMusic created some really nice music that could easily be in an Epic video game

7) Garnet-Frost Brings back the TF animated style with her soothing colors and polished lines.

8)StarDustJarr entry has smooth soft colors that almost feel like its airbrushed

9)doffu0000 Intricate and symmetric design could easily be on a shirt or skateboard

10)ScepterDPinoy Pixel art is tricky and Scepter's eye for small details is envious!

This Year was kinda nuts, sorry it took longer than before to Judge, but the influx of old and new artists submitting this year has really added some breath into this contest! Already Excited for what's to come next year.

Once again if I didn't pick or mention you, it's only because I can only post so much, and only have so much money :-p

There was a lot of really cool work and everyone that submitted did a great job!

Art by Shemmet




Posted by MindChamber - August 26th, 2021

EDIT: Slight delay on the winner announcements.. Even though it's still a relatively small contest, I got twice the art submissions this year!! I just need a bit more time to get through them!

expect a winner announcement no later than this Friday! September 3rd!

Woke up this morning to already a ton of awesome work!! I can't wait to dig in!

Heres what we got so far!




I'll be Judging these over the week and choosing winners by Wednesday

Sep 1st

This Awesome gif is by ThePsychoSheep give it vote!



Posted by MindChamber - March 3rd, 2021

Welp here it is, Probably the last Flash game I'll be ever contributing to.. PychoGoldfish made an addictive little platform brawler with the kibble of scratch art I tossed at him.. Thanks to all the animators, musicians and artists that stepped in and helped us finish when I couldn't commit the time. You guys are my heroes.

Play the game, then give everyone of them dudes a follow ❤️

Also works better in firefox 🤜😂🤛🏽