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yup, thats about right lol..

That's a gorgeous render.. As for your other situation, you gotta stop beating yourself up over this stuff.. push away from that desk, and get out there and enjoy life dude.. it's not going anywhere.

IvanAlmighty responds:

Thanks man! Tru that, just gotta take it one day at a time

Loving these colors! Great shading too. The midsection full of spirits is Definitely cool

TheDyingSun responds:

Thank you so much MindChamber! It was fun to make sure details like that were in there!

This is very cute, brings me back to the good ol days of Gameboy color :3

IrisOfTheRepliforce responds:

It is one of my favorite handhelds, I have two of them. My favorite games for it are Monster Rancher Battle Card and Mega Man Xtreme series

man these are great, Love the tendons/pistons used for the hands,

FallOutFox responds:

Finally, someone gets it, right?
You took the words right out my mouth (no c**k joke). The second one is thrilling, with what the hands and arms are posed.
There is just one retreat, might have something to do with the inking. Not like before with a dip pen. This was more of the modern use of pens. Just used the wrong one, but just winged it you know?
Then again it looks almost like rust or replaced spear parts. Or maybe the reaction toward metal materials, towards the environment. Between material and nature.

very cute!!

no knee joints? :p

WonderSchwifty responds:

Oh , I forgot about it. I’ll keep this in mind next time. Thanks :)

this came out really fun!.. I definitely think you should color it,

crummylion responds:

Thanks mate! I'll probably add colors when I find the time, got work and college to juggle with.

so many fun little details. like those sealoff valves and the crazy background details.. Nice to see something in pencil too!

FallOutFox responds:

Thanks very much, I do what I can for Robot Day. Could have just posted one, but you know... You didn't type any guidelines, that I couldn't post more than one, right? Yes, they can only be one champion. I get it really. Moving on, thanks for your comment, and yes. I do agree, they should be a bunch of pencil works. Or any mix kind of materials added with pencilling.

Thats some solid work. volumes perfect, and its fluid! would definitely love to see this finished

Sevi responds:

Thank you!

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