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You really kicked ass man

ITs one thing to be excited when I come up with a concept and watch it come to life. Quite another when someone else takes it further than you imagined.

That's what you did here man, thanks

AlvinHew responds:

It was truly an honour.

haha man thats great!

the work you've been puttin into your organic 3d has really been shinning lately,

keep it up man!

Osuka responds:

Thanks dude, Im really happy with the result of this character, always i was scared of making organics.

Now I need to learn how to manipulate Fire and Smoke for another render that i have in mind :D

seriously love your line work

everything you draw has that natural flow of motion. really incredible. I would love to see a cartoon from you one day.

jouste responds:

believe me i've really wanted to get into animation. just right now i can't see myself putting aside the time to get something cool down.

thanks so much for the high score MindChamber. it is always awesome hearing from you.


haha poor baron has his hands full

very nice work, love the colors and lighting.


worse trace job ever.

"Mode 7 does not work in real life."

hahah words to live by.

excellent piece, amazingly detailed

though my face placing ability as a human is forcing me to see two closed eyes under some mean lookin eyebrows.

Kalapusa responds:

Nice that someone caught that review response :P

Yeah, my friend and I saw the face once it was done and she was saying it couldn't be unseen. I also see fallopian tubes.


this is pretty nuts love the movement in this

TaraGraphika responds:


Thanks man!!!!!!!

yeah baby YAH

thats hot man.

I love the dangling cables, and rivets, you really nailed the steampunk vibe. the smoke all around him is great too!

thats pretty damn sweet

I wish it were bigger so I could further appreciate the details.

omg shes so plump and delicious!

I love her!!

BizarroJoe responds:

Why everybody feels this one came out specially plump-y?
Well, I think there are two obvious reasons a) resolving torso, belly and leg with the same curve and b) the bust pressed against the floor.
But there's a third one I find really funny and curious: the fingers.
They are round and puffy, not so pointy and sharp like my other drawings... I didn't drew it like that in the sketch, but felt to redraw them like that when vectoring.
They sorta remember me to the girlfriend of Yogi Bear... Strange, isnt it?

I'm trying to vary this character frame to diverse body types... I'm still working on a design that fits for an illustration I owe to Stamper that depends in a "Not fat, but definetely not slim" type of girl... And I had a good idea for that! Dammit!

...And the candy colors are probably guilty for the "delicious" feel...

Anyway, I'm happy you're liking it! Stay safe, bro.

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