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pretty sweet

you must have patience of a saint!

TheSpicanator responds:

thanks mind chamber.

awesome image

insanely well rendered. I can stare at those hands forever.

but once I get to the face, and those soulless saucer eyes. I lose interest.
anime eyes work well in animation, since they make conveying certain expressions in as little frames as possible much easier. but when it comes to hyper realistic work such as this, I don't think even the Japanese resort to anime eyes. she might as well be wearing a mask.

emiliapaw5 responds:

I know what you mean, I was stubborn and didn't want to let go off the 'anime' eyes, it's an old piece, my newer art goes more towards realism. I've learnt my lesson.

Thanks for the critique

love the picture

nice big expressive eyes, though I think your eyes are more squint y and catlike, and possibly a tad more farther apart. Aside from that, its pretty dead on.

you're such a cute boy :3

sucho responds:

OHHH THATS WHA-OH . HAHA OK. Stampy left that on my skype this morning and i was like wuuuuuuuuuuuuut

yeah, i noticed i kept them too far like the SECOND i uploaded. i always should let pictures sit around a day or two before i do that. and yeah, i've noticed i always look squinty outdoors and in photos because i'm NOT USED TO ANYTHING BRIGHTER THAN A BACKLIGHT D:

what no titties?

awesome submission,

Im really diggin that werewolf

TheShadling responds:

Thanks a bunch Mindchamber!

nice work

looove his beefy abs lol.

now color it please!

Fifty-50 responds:

I will sir. I will. I'll color this sketch with all my heart.

nice work

definitely has that foolycooly/deadleaves vibe going.
those phallic lookin guns made me lol

Sashura responds:

this girl is definitely dtf

rules are for everyone right?

Ive seen you complain when someone is uploading trash, or art that you feel isn't worthy but then you get your sand in your vagina when the rules are applied to you

VidGameDude responds:

meh, were all a bit hypocritical in our lives, we cant all be perfect amirite?

see when someones is just fuckin around and then get front page is what i get all pms*y about.

but when your just submitting stuff for the luls and not expecting fp that's ok.

i understand and respect your view to my opposition in this matter so thanks for the review.


toooo tracedd

diavoletto2 responds:

What you don't like? :)


I fuckin love runkachunk,

This has become my new cellphone wallpaper.

God I wish this was a shirt hehe

BizarroJoe responds:

... Well, that's how I initially thought of presenting this: Stamped onto a bitmap t-shirt sample from the contest. I even thought about asking suggestions about the motto (from the classical "Fat chicks no" to "Don't kill with fire, memes just make her stronger").
Still, I had troubles when restricting this to 4-colour (maybe trying monochrome could work, though.). It lost some detail, so in the end, I just colored it regularly and posted it for Spaz's B-day.
I'm really happy to know you liked it. I must admit she can be a terrific mascot. That archaetype is more worldwide-spreaded that you could thought.
Thank you lots for the support, bro!

Ha! man thats too awesome

seriously bad ass nice work man, your'e tearing it up with the organics

Osuka responds:

Thanks dude :D
But im still a robot in my hearth XD

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