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awesome stuff

very rich and vivid !

that hair looks soft!!
I wonder what conditioner he uses

jouste responds:

man i wish i knew! only then would i be able to enter a room with the confidence of a giant orc zombie.


nice work!

i really love the colors!

so after seeing what youve been able to do with Alchemy, I decided to download it and give it a try (I use sketchbookpro) and for some reason the pens seem very limited, with no pressure sensitivity. Am I doing it wrong? or are you just that good with alchemy? :)

duplex2 responds:

Alchemy is just a software to create random shapes, its like loolking to the clouds and try to figure out shapes.
I used to work with it using pull shapes and painting a lot of shapes with low transparency, changing the color from black to white and trying to see something in the mess generated. Then I imported the picture to photoshop and started the painting stage.

Nowdays I use the same workflow just painting in photoshop some random shapes an trying to get something from there.

In the left part of the picture you can see some random shapes thant come from alchemy.

just curious

did you actually build the statue yourself? from scratch and without any use of poser models?

VidGameDude responds:

ok, im not going to lie...the model came with the scene but everything else i made with the tutorial and it's wonderful integrated texture modifier of arch and design.

i will mention that in the other post.

so in truth i should deserve a 3/10 because i never stated i made the statue. the only thing i did with it is make the texture and the shadows.

ill be more specific next time.


I love the angle and perspective on this one! has a great feel to it, and the outlines give it a nice sense of motion!

add more fun details!

TheShadling responds:

Thanks for the review mate.

hahah nice

that looks to be historically accurate

AlmightyHans responds:



thats pretty hilarious,

really captures the characters.

sucho responds:

makin' memories, makin' memories
takin' pictures is makin' memories
capturin' little pieces of time

makin' em yours

and makin' em mine

You really kicked ass man

ITs one thing to be excited when I come up with a concept and watch it come to life. Quite another when someone else takes it further than you imagined.

That's what you did here man, thanks

AlvinHew responds:

It was truly an honour.

haha man thats great!

the work you've been puttin into your organic 3d has really been shinning lately,

keep it up man!

Osuka responds:

Thanks dude, Im really happy with the result of this character, always i was scared of making organics.

Now I need to learn how to manipulate Fire and Smoke for another render that i have in mind :D

seriously love your line work

everything you draw has that natural flow of motion. really incredible. I would love to see a cartoon from you one day.

jouste responds:

believe me i've really wanted to get into animation. just right now i can't see myself putting aside the time to get something cool down.

thanks so much for the high score MindChamber. it is always awesome hearing from you.


"Mode 7 does not work in real life."

hahah words to live by.

excellent piece, amazingly detailed

though my face placing ability as a human is forcing me to see two closed eyes under some mean lookin eyebrows.

Kalapusa responds:

Nice that someone caught that review response :P

Yeah, my friend and I saw the face once it was done and she was saying it couldn't be unseen. I also see fallopian tubes.

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