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lol I remember those building textures.

its part of a kit or tutorial..

anyways the character itself is very neat, and i like that you are exaggerating the designs a bit more, the same can be done for the backgrounds as well, the hard right angles go against the curvy design of the character. and the black fonts disappear. But I really do like the design, and look forward to seeing more characters like this.

VidGameDude responds:

Well thanks Mindchamber im glad you liked it!
And yeah i had to fill in the backround with that tutorial buildings :D...probably should have mentioned that....damn
and yes i know i could have done better with lighting, seeing how im getting better at it everyday.

anyways its great that you took the time to review my work!



thats a pretty badass rendition of RB man, well done

redminus responds:

Thanks a lot, sir! I'm glad you like it


you did a great job with these sprites.

you should space out the third row, so al the sprites form a perfect square.

EdpR responds:

thanks mindchamber,
yea, I'm gonna fix that and maybe add some more characters...

haha awesome

love all the crazy detail, you even got some titties in there.

TheShadling responds:

thanks mindchamber, the titties of course get the main attention.

nice work

really love the paneling details on the body.

doctormario responds:

Thank you very much.

wow nice Job!

you really nailed it!

Im sure captain Beiber loved it.

CosmicDeath responds:

lol, Beiber.. don't let him hear you say that - his ego will explode ;D

excellent piece

Once again I really love you sense of movement within your scenes. The eye of animator?

hehe love your take on alloy too

jouste responds:

yeah i wasn't too familiar with alloy but i'm super glad that he turned out ok.

i wish i could animate haha. i should really start practicing more...

great hearing from you mindchamber! your characters rule! XD

*mega-humble highfives*

you did awesome for what you had.

I really liked the work you did on the treads too btw.

PikaRobo responds:

Yup. Oh yeah, and thanks for the sketch!

nice work

its also pretty amazing how well the figures hold up when you pose them

PikaRobo responds:

About that... Most of of them don't really hold together that well (At least for standing). So usually I only have about a minute or a few seconds to quickly get the picture. The robots were probably the most difficult considering how the joints aren't that strong. I-bot however seemed to stay just fine in that position.

PikaRobo is neat!

I like his robby type joints, cool style!

PikaRobo responds:

Yeah, I kind of like it too. I could have made it better, but as you could tell from the 'quarter' shot, it is very small, so did what I could. I wonder how much better it would look if it were the size of the others...

But anyway, I still like it the way it is, and I'm glad you think it's cool too. :)

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