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nice work, great build up!

Preds responds:

Thank you!!

got a chance to listen! great work, some awesome lyrics as well. it sounds live too like at a studio felt real and organic.. nj

LexRodent responds:

Thanks a lot man ; I tried to go for a live-like feel, glad to know it worked.

LuckyDee responds:

Cheers man, it was an awesome exercise to write for a given theme rather than winging it to convey a feeling/mood/whatnot. I'd love to get another chance next year!

loved the track, and what you said about finding personal happiness is well said and incredibly important, especially in this digital era of social acceptance.. Art is a very lonely process regardless of medium.. you need to love it for what personal happiness it brings you , otherwise its just a job

Quarl responds:

Almost deleted all that but with all the talented young people on Newgrounds I figured someone might need to hear it. Thanks for stopping by MindChamber :D

funky n Crunky... just how I like it <3

Tritnew responds:

Thank you so much! :D

Oh heal yah, Lovin dat' Crunck babay.. really well done. that snazzymelody and Meows are just icing.. definitely belongs in a game like GatoRoboto...

LexRodent responds:

Thanks a lot man, glad you enjoyed it !

excellent work, love all the different audios-scapes you went with this, and they all blend in very nicely.

zybor responds:

OMG Thank you for your review, MindChamber :D

This was quite beautiful.. It immediately felt like something Philip Glass would've dreamt up .
really great for inducing powerful imagery and visual landscapes

Grandvision responds:

Thank you :) I haven't quite listened to Philip Glass but I'll be sure to check him out. Thank you for the comparison!

Aren't you one of the Moderators for Newgrounds?

I dig it. Reminds of those funky space games from the 90s..great atmosphere. good luck on the game too, sounds really cool, keep us posted posted

SourJovis responds:

Thank you! I'll keep you posted about the game!

whoooo man those drums.!! and that bass ooff!! and even some fun synthy stuff very reminiscent of Vince Di-cola.. (original transformers movie) Loved it

Quarl responds:

Transformers always had sound to die for. Never heard of Vince Di-cola but with a name like that I hope to hear about him again. It's fun to say!

late comment!
really awesome use of some roboty sound effects, and that bass is killer

Quarl responds:

Lol, check out this years track. The snare drum on Target and Kill always bothered me but I never changed it because lazy. I'm much happier with 2019's track. Happy holidays MindChamber :]

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