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i really enjoyed this, but as a stage theme, it repeats abit, but not to the point of irritation, its subtle and would work well as backdrop music.. its bit too whimsy and castlecrasherish for the MindChamber robot.... Mindchamber is a robot made in the 1800s used by the Germans for war and captured by the Russians.. his stuff is more ominous with red army choir like backdrops... but you wouldn't know that cause i dont mention much of the robot anywhere..

HellboundDochi responds:

Thank you for the feedback. :) Looking back on it now, it would have been fun to have gone for a more ominous approach, and I would have loved to have made a choir heavy song.

Loved it, great build up and drop. the effect never overpowered the beat.to my favorites this goes

Jimmypig responds:

Thanks, the mixing was hell but it's good you think it works too.

This is as filthy as fuck man, I cant brush the hairs standing on my arms fast enough.


AnalogByNature responds:

Thanks, MindChamber! It was you that scouted us, so we have you to thanks!
We release a free EP to NG every month, and we couldn't have done it without you. <3

its pretty awesome, reminds me of a melody you'd in the menu of a Sonic game

TBM responds:

That's never bad! Some Sonic games had amazing music!

awesome mix of singing and da wubs, to my favs this goes.

VGSongbird responds:

Sweet. :D

Thanks for listening!

not bad, it got a little ominus towards the end there but I think its pretty close

SkuhPlew responds:

Lol I held my breath for most of it. In the end I just started getting softer... I wanted to redo it but. DEAR LORD. If all I do is redo. Bad things will happen.

really awesome, very mellow and atmospheric

LadyArsenic responds:

Thanks a lot! ^_^ Yeah the Dark Cloud series is really known for making music pieces like that so I really tried to do it some justice. Thanks for listening!

this is killer man, you nasty

Poniiboi responds:

ewwwwwwwww you nasty

this song is BAWLz!!

Bafana responds:

Biggest pair you've ever seen!

I liked how vinstigator sounded and flowed, butsaay kinda was just eating his words, and basically dribbled off beat at the end there, and this isnt because of his accent, it just didnt sound like he was rapping to a totally different beat.

and while I have no problem with racist remarks, but in rap I find it completely lazy. anybody can say n***a, and anybody can say wetback, but if you cant find a way to say it more creatively you're no fun to listen to.

Vinstigator responds:

Oh shit, a Newgrounds staff member/flash animating legend voting for me to win??? Fuckin' AWESOME! Thanks MC! Expect to hear more great battles from me soon!

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