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Hahaha man

Thats some epic shit right there, really loving the new intro as well.

funny shit as always.

Oney responds:

Glad you liked it buddy ol' pal!


insanely great voice acting.

But boring character designs, lazy voice syncing.
Granted Tankmen is stiffer than a cock on viagra, but the detail and designs are impeccable, and the humor is on point.
and since I didnt really find this remotely funny I was left to stare at some drab looking designs, and carboard backgrounds.
spend some time on these characters man, its not like they move past the 3 quarter angle. give us something to look at.
I did laugh when the vampire cause the spike and his hand was on backwards though.

Kieran-s responds:

Yeah I animated it then looked at it after and though "Is it really worth changing?". And I couldn't be bothered.

haha nice

that begining part with Barney made me chuckle.

expected a bit more of a fight, I mean come on its already modeled and rigged!

but it was cute while it lasted, nice work on the gundam tho

Chakra-X responds:

Ran out of time! The project guidelines said 15-30 seconds, but that would not be enough to get the burning finger in :D. Thanks for watching!

nice work man

I loved your movement and style.

ending kinda trailed off, but who cares? this was action at it finest.

Hulalaoo responds:

Man bro, my nigigi butt ass brota yea busta asta work vrily gud

not bad

for the most part I Iiked it. just remember its all about the story.. make sure your story is compelling enough to work as an animation, and if the story is weak then the animation needs to be intensified to hold up against a non existent story.

Also Ive always been a fan of a ruff styled animation in favor of a polished one simply because you can see how the animator thinks through them.. But for the ruff style you used here there should've been way more animation. theres just too many sliding still shots for this style to work.

anyways you are getting better it and the cartoon was fun, so keep it up

keepwalking responds:

yes, as many pointed out, I sort of missunderstood the timing and "style" of fights, they are verry quick, and they usually display intense achrobatics that almost redefine the laws of physic. Of course that means adding three times the amount of fbf I used, but I guess that makes the difference. I will think about remaking this movie, or starting with another one...

Thanks a lot for your review, it means a lot that such a legend comented about my movie :P

great style and atmoosphere

liked the style, pacing and just overall feeling of this piece.. but come on, ya getting really work out the story first, otherwise its nothing more than a tech demo.

redminus responds:


This was for a critical theory course where in context it actually made sense as a narrative, but yeah outside of that with no real backing it's kind of bereft of any significance whatsoever. I wanted to work out the story more (and still may) but I have some other things to finish first.

Holy crap thanks for reviewing though~!

nice job

this is really well done. great timing,effects and feel.

personally I think this is the best animation done in this method to date.

keep it up man

turtleco responds:

if you like it, starogre told me of this guy named William Kentridge, who is supposedly the father of this kind of style of stop motion. Just watch out for the tributes, they aren't nearly as good.

anyway, glad you think so greatly of my movie.

you really busted your ass on this one.

and the improvement shows.
the death with the guy sitting by the window was my favorite part, lol


Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

Thanks alot MindChamber, I really appreciate it. :) Keep up the good work dude, I'll keep my eye out for your PBot project

haha good times.

Its fine to see these nifty lil throwbacks to the good ol 90s

DiegoNOX responds:



satans a great tutor

hahaha that was great man

Oney responds:

wawha, thanks MC ;)

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