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hmm I liked it.

for the most part, I though how you handled the attacked we unique and more grounded compared to proxcide. Still dont be afraid (read lazy) to break up the sprites more and create more unique attacks., evil ryu pretty much is a brawler when hes in that mode so i expect him to grab and punch you in the face more.

I loved how ken moved thou, very stylish and indicative of ken. Some of those shots where ken rides the inertia of a hit with a hurricane kick were the best.

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

thanks! i would have made ryu more of a bad ass.. but the sprites i used didnt have as much attacks as ken did. so I just kinda took it slow on ryu and focused on ken


you make the best spam!, So TASTY

Hulalaoo responds:

Fuck you police

nice work

This was actually interesting and fun to watch. The premise behind the creation of it is great as well. will some of the art was a bit weak, there there still was a strong enough story to keep the interesting going.

great stuff

Comick responds:

Thanks man for the nice review! Glad it kept you watching :)

awwww yeah

I like the dude with the beer

Nogfish responds:

heh that's dranky

that was great!

you are really getting this animation stuff down pretty quickly!


Hulalaoo responds:

You impostor !!!!


neat lil pixel effect.

you missed a few frames ,still it was very cute :)

Hulalaoo responds:

fuck you ! i past all my day for make this piece of crap, i not can make this perfect in this time, is more, i reuse various frames, for this reason look rare

This was fun to watch

I thought it was well done,
though in all fairness, you should mention the actual singers, name of the song, and possibly the play it was first featured.

Thats probably why you feel it doesn't deserve 1st. Because as a great job as you did with the sprites, 90% of what makes this so great is the music.

Mutteo responds:

I mentioned the singers at the end of the credits, though I guess with a music video, there probably should be song credits in the intro too.

I felt the reason I didn't deserve the cup was because there wasn't much competition that day and I felt the award wasn't rightfully earned. (A slow day for flash artists, like getting thrown a bone)

haha nice

Im sure hulalaoo is terribly flattered :3

Emanhattan responds:


I still dont know why you are separating these.

But I did find this one stupid and funny.

So thanks for the laugh

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

Thanks MindChamber, I appreciate that from one such as yourself. It would have made my day to have put these in one submission but flash frequently quit unexpectedly. Thanks for your time and the review, keep up the good work


i really loved the pacing and manuerisms the characters...

but what gets me is the ending. doesnt make sense.

EM549 responds:

Thanks MindChamber. Man, did not think the ending would be this confusing. I MIGHT just make a mini-flash showing exactly what happened, lol.

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