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fuckin hilarious.

you just goofed on my childhood. FUnny how it hasnt changed. :-p

Egoraptor responds:

Haha thanks MindChamber.

excellent submission

really great work all around, Jeinu's submission really blew me away. It was a refeshing style that I cant wait to see more of.

Zwickel responds:

More coming soon, yeah Jeinu is awesoooome, and so fast animating too!

nice work

Im a huge fan of Kung Pow.

The facial expressions were excellent. couldve used a bit more easing I think. and his helmet strap bounced around a bit too much. I would think they were leather or some other heavy materal, and drape around more than wiggle giggle.

still a fun piece nice work.

mantis0702 responds:

Wiggle giggle! Hahahaha I love that!

you werent kidding.

That Knight run cycle was god awful, Its just a pet peeve of mine, if your right foot moves foward then your left arm swings foward, like seriously whats so fuckin hard about that? Just go outside and watch people run for christs' sake.

Aside from that, you did a good job blending the pieces together and the individual pieces themselves were enjoyable.

squeakytoad responds:

Haha, very true very true. You know I can barely animate now, much less so over a year and a half ago.


very trippy and delicious

TheBoogley responds:

"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,
Then reality as a collective does not exist."
words to live by...

ahhh shit!

Its out and its dope shit, I love it, brings back great memories man , nice work.,

Gerkinman responds:

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine

Quiet thought come floating down
And settle softly to the ground
Like golden autumn leaves around my feet
I touched them and they burst apart with sweet memories,
Sweet memories

Of holding hands and red bouquets
And twilight trimmed in purple haze
And laughing eyes and simple ways
And quiet nights and gentle days with you

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine,
Memories, memories, sweet memories


You hit the nail with that one.

and YES there is ALLWAYS some dumbass shooting at the cars.

hehe nice work guys

Oney responds:

Thanks MindChambré

Can we hug now?


Loads of great little details, and great voice acting. Though Im sure you could've worked around the subject matter without giving it the "awesome" sauce. But to its credit its genuinely funny.

Keep up the great work, just stay off the Awesome Sauce.

thanks!- _^

Galneda responds:

lol, "Awesome Sauce"

Well, about halfway through working on it, I had already vowed to never do another flash spiced in "awesome sauce" but thanks for your praise, MC! That means a lot to me!

I'll give you a heads up before I submit my next beast! ;D

hahah nice!

Fun flash man, once again your colors and style really bring it together!

Gonzossm responds:

Thank you mindchamber :)

awesome demoreel

you an amazing animator, cant wait to see more from you.

Jeinu responds:

you're *

"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
"Do not be defined by your conditioning, Otherwise the rest of the world will define your path."~IntraFace

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