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I thought the style and art direction was very sharp. really loved the whole painted look, and the 2 parts were very creative. The weakest part was the actual animation. None of it had any weight, or sense of movement. Everything moved very mechanically without any enertia. Especially that running cycle where the neighbor is running across the room. If the artist was better at 2d it wouldve benefited him to do a 2d animatic and hit all the 3d poses timed to it. Also work on gestures and poses. maybe next time watch or record the voice actors as they said their lines (if thats possible) or act it out yourselves.
keep up the good work.

RocketheadAnimation responds:

thanks mindchamber, we'll try to remember that if we ever to work on another project. cheers. :)

the arts great, humors a bit off though,

ToonHole responds:

Oh man, Mindchamber. You are the best dude. Yeah, looks like my internal compass was off on this one. Live and learn. Hopefully my next one will be tighter

that was pretty great. did you animate the pieces individually or rigged it?

Amaruuk responds:

I rigged it first with After Effects' puppet tool and expressions.

very hot, had alot of action AND story.. As well as pulling it all off with no dialogue. very nice touch

QuasimodoxArt responds:

Thank you sir. It's my honor to receive positive feedback from you.

nice work man, that shit was as crazy and as ridiulous as ever haha, I did get confused a few times, since everyone seems to love to murder their own troops hah, but aside from that it rocked!!

MiddleFingerRings responds:

lol I know, this is a problem for me when writing it. Often "fuck it just kill 'em" wins out over a logical storyline.

nice animation, great lyrics, that flute was annoying, competes too much with the vocals

overall good job

KartuneHustla responds:

Glad you dug it man despite the flute haha. Thanks for the review

hehe very nice

chluaid responds:

thank you sir

that was freat. you should really color this

Hornybeeee responds:

I thought about it for a while, but too much time passed and some of my papers got lost. Kinda sucks but I will definitely for the next cartoon!

Sweet STory.

Haha is it safe to assume this is what you picture when you're choppin up cadavers?

I dunno about you, but if my Cadaver had a big ass goofy grin on his face like that, Id throw a blanket over that with the quickness :3

nice work

Zombie-Pimp responds:

FINALLY Mindchamber comments on my animation... geez way to blue-ball. Lol glad you liked it <3

getting constantly beat up by the the group of black kids by the grocery store has finally gotten to ya huh? :3

Gonzossm responds:

aww I wish I coulda gotten that close to them ;(

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