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holie fuck this looks fantastic, are camera pans coded ? I assum they are. I cant wait to play this and Im not a huge rpg gamer

SpikeVallentine responds:

"I cant wait to play this and Im not a huge rpg gamer"
That's a huge and great sign. And you are spot on, they're coded. My partner is amazing!

I thought he was gonna take a picture of himself and post it on facebook with like a "Im hurt Bad..lol"

but he just threw the phone away, (cause it was broke?) and he looked at something.. and it ended.

So feels like half a story

RobThanatos responds:

I wish I had thought of that.

As this was a school project, I had time restraints. This was meant to be more of a "test" animation.

nice work, those trippy effects mustve taken you a while. I wonder how many people will get that mk reference haha,

anyways nice job

Blordow responds:

i would of liked to elaborate even more with the effects, but I didn't bother. well you got the reference, so i am sure others will. i am only looking to please like minded folk :) thanksssss

that was pretty fun, I loved how the fight was taken to all these different locations and you had alot of fun with the sprite, I wish the sound was better it was cracklin alot. But yah great stuff, lots of fun

MysticSkillz responds:

Cool man. Thanks for the comment. :)

very funy, nice self portrait.

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks broseph <3

The face rig stuff sound interesting! what is that about, and what are you using? Flash AE?

Jonnyethco responds:

After Effects. I never learned to use Flash, sadly. We do all of our character art in photoshop. It doesnt look as smooth as vector art but I tend to favor a more dirty style anyway so I find it works for me. As far as the facial rig, usually when we create a character we have the nose, mouth and eyes attached to the face. You can see examples of that on all our shows from Battlefield Friends to any of my older cartoons. With this new rig I kept all of the facial features off of the face to allow it mobility on the face. (if that makes any fuckin sense. haha) But I like the technique and cant wait to apply it to some stuff in the future.

the animation was nuts, great work

CatFat responds:

hey thanks MindChamber! :D

nice work,very well made, and professional

jagondudo responds:

thanks man!

haha cute

Gerkinman responds:

Aw thanks <3

nice work man, pretty funny

funymony responds:

Thanks, dude!

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