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that was freat. you should really color this

Hornybeeee responds:

I thought about it for a while, but too much time passed and some of my papers got lost. Kinda sucks but I will definitely for the next cartoon!

Sweet STory.

Haha is it safe to assume this is what you picture when you're choppin up cadavers?

I dunno about you, but if my Cadaver had a big ass goofy grin on his face like that, Id throw a blanket over that with the quickness :3

nice work

Zombie-Pimp responds:

FINALLY Mindchamber comments on my animation... geez way to blue-ball. Lol glad you liked it <3

getting constantly beat up by the the group of black kids by the grocery store has finally gotten to ya huh? :3

Gonzossm responds:

aww I wish I coulda gotten that close to them ;(

pretty mind blowing. Kinda makes you look at the whole ritual of priest blessing thier water, differently,

RiverJordan responds:

Absolutely! Just because the religions themselves have manipulative tendencies in some ways, doesn't mean some of the core values and understandings aren't valid too.

awesome work man, glad to see this finally out, great effects and animation as always, looking forward to seein the rest of the series!

Jae responds:

<3 You're the man MindChamber. Thanks a lot! I can't wait to release more haha

Nice work.. the story took a bit to get going, but once the fighting began, it was enjoyable. The 3d,particle effects, lighting, bloom, all of it was really well done and fun to watch.. It chugged though. So I finally gave up and finished watching it on youtube. very nicely done. There were certain scenes where you had stairs, and there was no wall underneath them. revealing the flatness of the wall and such. kinda wished you added a wall there because it pulled you out of the scene. aside from that really cool stuff.

Coft responds:

Yeah, it can get quite slow at the high quality.
Getting the positions right is mostly trial and error and sometimes I just ignored the '3D failure'. I hoped it wouldn't be much disturbing.
Thanks for the review.

insanely accurate.

Blordow responds:

i hit the g spot

nice work man, you're stuff has really grown on me!
I can watch anything you make,

except your streams.. uugh you sound like Micheal Cera, I HATE MICHEAL CERA

nice coming home story, :3 very powerful and moving!

Gerkinman responds:

Cheers mate :)

You've come a long way from Egomanic.

congrats on the excellent work. The short oozed with emotion and atmosphere.

Bubbowrap responds:

I cringed while watching Egomaniac again. Hard to believe I ever used sprites.

Thanks a lot!

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