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Welcome back Hayabusa!!! haha love the new animation and details man!

shadowcounter responds:

Thanks! I work an awful lot now, so it's a bit harder. That and loving my xboxone. lol. Already doing backgrounds for episode 2. I want to do it a bit closer to the original, as far as scripting.

nice work man, its like a hardcore version of the short story 'metamorphosis" thoroughly enjoyable

undertoon responds:

thnx man

Excellent work on the animation and details Osuka. The song was a bit too cheesy even for me..But you worked with what you had and made ana amazing video as a result.

Osuka responds:

I liked the song a lot XD, now seeing the video a few months later the release on Youtube I see some details I could work more. Like making Ridley a little smaller so he can be in Smash Brothers hahaha

Really loving your artstyle, your abilities have improved alot

Speedo responds:

thanks, dude!

Like a great lover,you come on strong and passionate,but then busted your nut early..still was pretty great tho

JesusAcHe responds:

Lol. Yeah, I guess that's a nice way of putting it. Thanks a lot for the comment and review :)

really loved all the fun squashing and streching you pulled of with the aliens.. nj

CoolDrMoney responds:

that took the longest fuck the aliens

haha that shit was crazy man, great animation, lovin your new shit, you really evolved man

JazLyte responds:

Thangyuh my brotha, much appreciated. Only took 80k and 4 years of being told shit I probably could've found out on the internet eventually, woo!

Nicely done, thoroughly enjoyable..i wished you labeled each user you interviewed

thinking-man responds:

I wanted to, but I forgot who most were and didn't want to only put some in.

in america if you dont have insurance, you get a penalty.. so either way you pay :#

great work

Blordow responds:

actually funny enough just easter friday i got pulled over by the cops and got 2 fines, 1. for driving an unregistered vehicle, only been unregistered for 2 months (cause I can't afford it) and 2. for driving uninsured, i didn't even know it was illegal to drive uninsured, but it serves me right for driving unregistered. Regardless I find it stupid how you got to register a car every 6 months, it's all just a cash grab man, i'm buying a bike now lmao

Haha exellent. Gotta love when you give people those cartoony expressions over the roto,.really adda to the charm amd humor

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah without it, might as well of just made a real video instead of roto it. Thanks

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