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fantastic, and the use of smears is incredible. did you sketch this out first? or just went straight for the clay?

DocJoshimitsu responds:

no... I didn't plan anything for this ... but thanks

Good shit man, it needs subtitles though,for the newly deaf. :p

Blordow responds:

that ain't a bad idea, thx < 3

nice work, love the new artstyle

Cycon responds:

Thanks, dude! Glad you liked it, I appreciate it. Most of the negative feedback I got was about Damien's chubby chin. Haha. That, and the resemblance Cycon bears to toon Link, I guess. lol

you know ive been a huge fan of your work, so this is no exception . I cant wait to play this., your style and quirky humor comes through even in this short demo.

and I really really love that dynamic camera, makes it look like a fun cutout diorama.

great work Spike, love ya man

SpikeVallentine responds:

koo koo koo, thanks! We gon'e be done wit diz soon so you can enjoy dat soon enuf.
Juzz give us a bit more time. Thx.

Haha very cute, love that steamboat Willie style

Comick responds:

thanks man glad you liked it!

That was well said and of course well presented. At first I was wondering why you even attempt to address debunkers, naysayers, etc. What you do works for you and what you have done benefits all who care to listen, so why bother even giving these guys your attention.
But I think Im getting it ,you simply want people to feel the same as you, to think, be receptive , and open to ideas even if ultimately those ideas aren't something they agree with, at least they could hopefully say they listened objectively and respectfully. If they can at least do that, then you have already influenced them for the better.

Keep doing your thing man :3

RiverJordan responds:

Thanks Mindchamber! Great review!!

You're right on the money, this video is kind of an example, i wanted to demonstrate to everyone one possible way of dealing with things in a way that is loving, and compassionate. ^^

Sad and symbolic, nice work, very well done.

ShawnBranden responds:

My next film will be a happier one :) Thanks I really appreciate it.

this was dumb, and I quite enjoyed it, nj !

kalabor106 responds:

It's no use! Making it not dumb for me would of been odd.

Nice work.really pro presentation.the sound design was on point as well. I definitely related to that.theres always that one client whos about artistic as a rock trying to put his stink on things,but really have no clue what they are looking for.

Gerkinman responds:

Yeah, it was funny that while I was on the last legs of making this film we had one of those exact clients cause all kinds of drama for us and blew their budget right out of the water. The logo went through 72 designs before they settled on something, that something being near identical to the logo we were hired to update.

That was freakin crazy.i loved all facial expressions,and some of those walk cycles was just nuts.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

You've given me a very large happy.

"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
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