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very cool

nice details and cool effects, looking forward to seeing the actual finished version.

Vel0x responds:

Tnx MC 4 the nice comment I'm glad that u liked it! XD

looks like you had fun

and thats the important part! ^_^

Slicing-Claws responds:

Yay ^_^

I had fun, but got pissed about the amount of layers xD.


too awesome

LazyMuffin responds:

stay true dog

now you know

how much of a bitch putting flash together, try 100 submissions haha,

great job everyone.!

BlueHippo responds:

Oh I know, all I could think about when staring at the hourglass was how bad the MGS collab must have been.

pretty worthless

you complain about the lack of art on NG, but your contributions are fail.
nice job calling me out on your blog, and blocking when I provided a response.

enjoy life living in shadows

Sidorio responds:

Hey again. What are you doing later? I was thinking we could grab a pizza and hang out at my place, maybe watch a movie. Sound cool? I'll see you at seven.

holy fuck

alot of these were stupid but funny as hell good work fagteam

W-P-S responds:

we are the fagteam

seriously awesome

I loved the design, and the layout, the way all the pieces of flash and music mended so well together.

nice job guys!

Rig responds:

Thanks! Whirlguy had fun with the menus, and I really liked the sig pic idea. :D

haha that was awesome

Nogfish you are really somethin, some crazy shit you got there

you all did a great job.

I loled at the angien the bee reference

Nogfish responds:

haha thanks, I'm glad you caught that

that was fun!

I liked the drama between the characters very cool story.,

also lol at the train scene.

either those trains are only big enough for toddlers or those dudes have heads the size of beach balls.

cool flash tho

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Whoa. How the hell did I miss your review?

This means a lot to me, coming from you. With My Mind's was a beaut. I feel undeserving of a 9, let alone a review.

Them heads underwent a shrinking to avoid future proportional problems. However, they seemed so small to me in NYC.

I liked it.

" thats kind of impossible at this point, proxicide made the best street fighter flash ever!!!! every street fighter flash i watch after i seen his reminds me of his work. but thanks i could still try."

DOnt think that way, if people thought that way we would never seen new material, Prox is awesome but hes not unstoppable., You need to go at with your own flava.

Granted you still ripped waay to much off of Poxcide., and I was close to closing the windown when I I got to the ken and ryu part.
you some nice stuff going there, I loved when they did the hurricanes and landed their momentum cause them to twirl around, causing then to switch places.,

That was hot.. You need to incorporate more original ideas like that, and dont be afraid to customize the sprites. break them apart, make NEW MOVES..

YOU ARE THE STORY TELLER HERE, be creative with it!

good luck on your next project.

rosecicmil responds:

WOW!!!, thanks man, you just boosted my self confidence way up! I'm about to go to Image Ready and start... CREATING!!! Ha HA HA HA HAAAAAA (Evil laugh) :D.

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