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I thought it was funny

I had a good laugh, and I get the jokes where it was coming from.

I mean 10 hours total right?

I only mention the length of time you worked on it cause you do in your comments so I expected something with alil more effort and was left disappointed.

SgtBash-RF3000 responds:

You pretty much hit right on the money. I wanted this in for christmas, so I ended up drawing half of it with a touchpad on a laptop and the other half when I unwrapped a new wacom for christmas. In a sad sort of way, this movie dissapoints people the way crysis ended up dissapointing me. Anyhow, thanks for the review.

Hahah, yeah...

That about sums it up,

haha Fuck CLIFFY B

JohnnyUtah responds:


great premise

Its a cool idea, and great premise for a series of funny short.
I just think the jokes themselves, need to be alot snappier. This flash could been half as long, with all the material in tact, and it would came off as twice as funny. I guess Im saying is learn your beats.

on top of that, the quicker pace wouldve covered up that slide show you had going there towards the end.

Im looking forward to seeing more tho, good work

Cavebird responds:

I take your point MindChamber.
I'm still a bit cautious with the pacing.

I dunno

This Bored me to tears, I guess Im just not up to date with this kinda of humor.
It just was really flat to me, and I didnt laugh once. I wish I could give suggestions, but Im not much funnier myself :-p

and since you already stated this was a 20 hour project I wont bother with that.

either way, I thought it was pretty bad.

AlexNewProductions responds:

aw man
now everyone's gonna review badly

I liked it.

nice well thought out piece, with good pacing and buildup. it was refreshing to see something other than gamertonight out of you. which was seriously starting to grate on me.
cool choice of music. and the monster was well animated. But that run cycle was pretty awful. I know run cycles are tuff (hell Im always battling them.) but its time to go back and study some poses there, and maybe watch some movie clips of people running in slow motion.

aside from that, it was a really cool piece.

RubberNinja responds:

I was never happy with the running cycle after I cleaned it up, but I was really short on time for that point. So I can't disagree with you there.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

haha awesome fight scene.

really man, nice timing there, and great subtle effects.

Gold's voice sadly is super painfull to listen to. Thankfully that didnt take away form the action or the humor in this piece.

well done man seriously.

FleckoGold responds:

Thanks. I appreciate it. It's tough finding good audio and voices, maybe it's just not my thing. Or I just need to work at it. I never really actually knew how Flecko's voice would sound, either. Its all just been speech bubbles until I got into flash. Ha!

Thanks for the review.


Nice flash

great voice acting, decent detail,

overall a decent piece.

squeakytoad responds:

All true. I appreciate the review. Will have to remember to clean up the art. More tweened pieces do need to be more polished.
Also excellent point about the contraption. Actually, it originally wasn't there. Perhaps it was a poor decision on my part to add it. Hmm...

And the great voice acting is all to the credit of Tomar. That guy has to do less redoes than any other VA I've seen on the web so far. Perhaps why he's used so much. Got it perfect almost every time. Was a pleasure to work with him.

that was pretty hot

love the coloring and great use of filters. Gotta work on that anatomy tho, some of them shots the characters looked pretty busted, aside from that tho great atmosphere. This Deserves FP

Blordow responds:

yeah i have a bit of trouble with the anatomy, but sometimes it works well with my style. just need to try and make it more obvious. thanks!


it loops, thats a plus

The-iMortal responds:

lol =D


Since, no one cares.

you've resorted to interviewing yourself in the comments,

haha fuckin pathetic

Sidorio responds:

Hahaha, remember that time I said you didn't know what jokes are?

Also, following me around for the purpose of trolling is pretty darn pathetic too. As is being a full grown man and still collecting Transformers dolls.

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