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haha nice Job Poxy!!!

the oatmeal effects were very nice! and the whole video was perfectly timed to the music..

you rock man!

poxpower responds:

I need to make more comics. Animation is NOT my forte.
And by animation, I mean patience.

hahah Im loving these!

Theres are great, and the violence is hilarious.

theres so many annoying characters to kill, this series will go on forever

SirHappy666 responds:

Sorry for taking so long to reply, But Ep3 has just come out. But its the final one :(.

HAhahah! YEAH!!

This Gets a 10 down the board for all the wrong reasons man!! haha

That 5 mile an hour chase scene couldnt have been more perfect till you added the country music :)

and when the headless guy grunted, I thought I was gonna piss myself.

Make MORE!!!!

R-Win responds:

LOL,well im glad you liked it your way:)

Awesome work!

Lots o Detail!

Super actioned packed and very Sexy!

a worthy Pico Day submission to say the least!

Zombie-Pimp responds:

yeah it was pretty hard packing in all that action, I had to roll it up real tight and cram it down with my foot.

haha That was great

I love your style.

nd you have a great sense of humor!

Keep it up!

Cannibal responds:

^_____^ thankee

Hey Cool!

You copied my end sequence from Pico's unloaded!!


I'm totally flattered! ^_^

WickedBiscuits responds:

O_o Wow!My flash was reveiwed by mindchamber!?And yeah Pico's Unloaded was AWESOME!Thanks for giving this such a high score!I'ma give you credit in the description!:D Stay cool!


Great job guys,

this mindchamber is proud :*)

Zombie-Pimp responds:

thank you, man. This is just the beginning of many amazing Res-Productions flashes to come. But we aint animating LR until you finish that tween tut!

A valiant effort..

I think its a great start man.. the story worked, as did the choice of angles .. so its coming together..

the more flash you make, the better you will be at it..

good job.

JuliusAS responds:

Word !! :)

Overall I thoroughly Enjoyed this.

I thought your timing and angles were impeccable.
You had a very nice pace, and the tension was throughout.

The lighning, rain, and shadows were superbly done.

Looks like you have a great eye for storytelling.

I only had two gripes.

Link's wearing a damn gucci-armani suit..
I know this is supposed to be a contempory link and ganondorf.
but it just doesnt fit. If it were contempory then they would be fighting with Tricforce-Pistols instead.
while I could be wrong, I think you just downloaded the best poser
model you can find, and it happened to be wearing a suit. if Im wrong
then I apologize, but either way. it doesnt convey Link, or Zelda..

Niether did using the Sepiroth theme from Final Fantasy.

It did sound good, but since the chorus was chanting another characters name, from another game entirely. its distracting.

I think this was great piece of work that showcases your skills as a director.
Just doesnt work as a Zelda themed animation. no matter how much you explain behind it..

Remember you shouldnt have to explain your work, people should understand it on their own.

just my opinion..

keep up the great work.

LeviFolds responds:

a viewers understanding can only go as far as their own capabilities to understand - i may have made something here beyond the imagination, acceptance or simple mental capacity of some people - its not my fault if they didnt get it from the movie because i feel i explained enough in the description and the story part of the flash movie - youre right, i dont need to explain myself to people - what i do feel compelled to do, however, is correct someone who falsely accuses me of ripping off a movie or video game because this was all my own creation - for the record, i used about 20 magnets on each of the characters in poser to get them to look the way i liked them - face, clothing, body and all - and i constructed each of the swords myself in a cad program - the background was a photograph i traced and skewed to get the 3d effect - if i was trying to keep all this a secret, i hardly think id go through the trouble to put a 'making of' section in the movie that tells everyone exactly how i made the movie
also, if you recall the classic zelda story, only the master sword can defeat evil, hence 'link' had the master sword - and hes not link - hes a descendant of link, as well as the villian is a gerudo descendant of ganon - this does take place ages later - i didnt simply pretend link took place in modern day - that is plain stupid - what i did was see where the legend might be many ages after the original story - and this movie is what i got - if scientists can believe in evolution because it took place over millions of years, i think mankind can accept this as an extension of the zelda story that takes place long after - if you dont believe in evolution then my god - gimme a friggin break

Haha Funny Stuff as always!

keep it up J!

joberbichler responds:

Thanks MC, you da man. :D :D :D

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