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amazing work guys

definitely a fun and epic piece of animation.

brings a tear to ol' chamba.

FleckoGold responds:




Oh man that was eerie

You dont know how eerily close this story mirrors my mindchamber story.

great minds think alike eh? :P

great stuff I cant wait to see more!

sorbitol responds:

Hey! I was just reading your blog yesterday! I think greed could be considered a disease because for some people it's like an obsession or even an addiction. It's definatley a mental weakness however you look at it.
Thanks for reviewing this cartoon- I'm glad you liked it!
Great minds DO think alike!


Pure GEnious!!

The pain! they must have gone thru!
how they done that scene in their play over and over!
how powerful, and indicitive of the world we leave in.

Shooting peoples feet to a beat, must have been a daunting task.!

mustive been soooo hard!! and what if the record scratched they couldve misfired!! OMG GENIOUS!!

you must.. MUST!!!! put in audio commentary in your next flash, or I simply wont watch it!! because I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR GENIOUS!!

SpikeVallentine responds:

hah okay, ew, i wont put an audio comentaryt. and you wont watch it, and you need to know more about my genius?

you have genius too. we have our own genius styles. our styles probably developed at a young age, all though were both still growing. we dont stop till we die. but just keep watchign/ hear my reponse to your reviews, thats the best you can do for now. wouldnt put a comentary thats redicluous. plus this aint no dvd, and i dont think too highly of anything with a comentary unless i spent a 100,000 budget.

that makes more sense to me.

look at the guy's feet. they're both fake. they've done this long enough times for him to get shot in his feet. now they just gotta be careful for his shins or knees, but thats rare. . but it all doesnt matter any more.

Pure Genious!

So funny! and playful and cute! and the idea to loop it was so original! how did you come up with that!???

and LOVE how you gave them both Dislexyia! that was masterful!

SpikeVallentine responds:

I'm happy you appreciate it!

loll! they were thinking one step ahead when they played the mirror situation.

I think of this idea just the same thing as i think of all my other ideas. My mind branches everywhere. if i think of one small entertaining thing, i want it so bad that my mind dashes around till it's satisfied.

It's not really a big project, this account is my practice/play around/ experiment account. Later i'll have one where i only submit huuuge stuff hahah. cause thse are all small and they are a "i just wanna do this idea!' type of submissions.

so i cant wait to roll down my sleeves. with that other account.

i'll make something else soon. right now im too busy till the 22nd.

'im excited

oh btw! for this new animation i thought of, i thought of it while i was skating. my ideas hit me any where in life, life it self inspires me.

how bout you mind chamber?

very imressive!

you improved my friend!! I liked how you kept the ubers hands close to their body just like the original.

also your blood effects and smoke effects were fantastic.

you improved alot man.

your fan Chamba.

Zwickel responds:

FAN???!!!! OMG LOL haha, thats crazy 0_o

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it! Hope to see more from you man!!!

Your fan, Zwickel.


haha "what?" hahaha

JohnnyUtah responds:



haha,. that was actually funny.

hell mustive froze

nice work

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:


hahaha I loved this

this a great ideas showing the Picos School game from another person perspective.

very smart indeed.

RWA responds:

Thanks,glad you liked it!

good idea

it was a good Idea,

some technical issues messed it up for me.

like the harsh crackle of the sound bytes. and the file size.

this is tweened, theres no way this should be almost ten megs.

Cellulum responds:

Oh Snap!
A real flash artist!

I think it was huge do to the filters and the huge audio files. Flash had trouble exporting these, so i was forced to compress them, hence, the shitty sound.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review.

Love your shit man haha

great angles and pacing dude.

Been a fan of your stuff from jump, and you never fail to impress.

gettin better with every submission.

rtil responds:

thanks. i think the slow pace is losing ng's attention spans. oh well, at least some poeple can watch all the way through without falling asleep

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