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Nice Job!

I think that the art and style is great.As well as your choices of angles and timing.

my ony crit is to keep praticing your animation. your jerky movements really take away from an otherwise stellar piece of art.

Stryda responds:

Wow thanks for your review MindChamber, I really look up to you.

Yea, I know my animation isnt the best right now. And rushing parts of the project to meet a deadline kinda make it worse. I'll definately work harder. Thanks alot for reviewing. Made my day. :D

this waiting for this one like forever!!

I'm glad to see its finally done!

great job! ya switched up the voices I noticed :)

Loved it, keem em comin!!

BenSpurgin responds:

Hehe yea I scrapped the old one and made this one... do you remember that you said you wanted to make #9 with me? Noticed I finished #8 in record time?? :P

Great job guys.

You've all put in an ernest effort..

I liked the collab very much..

Tighten up your art, keep practicing and your next collab will be through the roof!!


hexar responds:

Who the fuck are you? Get outta my sight, BITCH! :D

That was alot of fun to watch.

Good job on the storytelling. nice pacing.

are those original sprites? if not, what game did they come from?

Also where was the music from...

It would have been nice if you added this in the INFO section.

MaxR responds:

cool! You're MindChamber!!! I admire you and your movies man. Okay all your questions will be answered on my movie, it's in the credits, it'll show up after scene 6. And for the sprites, it's mainly from Little Fighter 2 and some other random gamse I thought it matches. We really appreciate your review MindChamber, oh and by the way the info section it's only about us lol, should have been a different button name I guess.

That was great!

Wow loved the style and the animation! Definitely looking for more story when the second part comes along.

But this first one is great in itself. awesome time and action.
awesome special effects and explosions!

My only suggestion would be to tighten up the characters designs.

aside from that, this is golden!.

Weirdo responds:

Thanks! "Inspired by Pico Unloaded!" No, really it was. I probrably should have put it in the credits. Noticed the characters sketchyness, eh? Maybe cel more shading and time will fix that. I plan to really improve in the next one. More story? Certianly.

Hey that wasn't bad

I liked the acting that went with the dialogue.

Please add some subtitles to make it more enjoyable.

Wonchop responds:

yeah, I kinda forgot most of my speech was inaudible at some points. that's what happens when you spend a long time recording something off the top of your head in an annoying voice. ^^;


Jereaz Enterprises huh...

cant make an enterprise by pasting gif animations together under someone elses song.

JereazEnterprises responds:

Pasting gifs that you helped made?

MindChamber? Wtf...

Ahh Man!!

I always get Giddy when I see McFretn has released another Flash.
and the Man never disapoints!
He has some of the best Bitmapping and Tween Techniques that I have seen in any flash. And it all contributes to an awesome segment.
This Flight action Scene was so excellently Produced and Directed that you can't help but feel you're watching a scene to a make larger movie.

great job man.

You're Fan


McFretN responds:

I was hoping for a review from you. thanks man! :)

Too Hot for TV Baby!!

That kicks all kinds of ass

You need to have a higher rez version on your site., and link it man!

ericblak responds:

I'm uploading one right now! I'll post the link once it's done!

Nice work Ben!

Can't wait to see SS8!!
Its gonna rule man! :)

Ben-Spurgin responds:

If it rules, it wuill surely only be because of your exceptional vocal talents ;)
You rock too bro! SHeathe out!

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