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great Job! and Nice Style!!

I think you've done a great job here!!..
I would definately suggest not using gradience on the animation, as it causes major slowdown...Actually I had done a Musicplayer in a similair fashion some time ago...Have a look,and hopefully it can give you some ideas for your next Transformation!!

http://w ww.transfandom.com/2005BNM/jaz zdetails.shtml

Take it easy, and good luck!!

BlueStreak420 responds:

Let me just say first of all I'm thrilled to hear praise from you. I'm a big fan of Transfandom.com and was actually inspired to do this particular piece by your Jazz musicplayer. I hope to someday be as good as you, and can't wait for Heroes 2!

Once Again............

Great Freaking Job!!!! Timing, movement,pacing..everything is on point...
Don't agree with the ending though:(...
I want you to keep going :)

Ben-Spurgin responds:

Hehhe thanks Jose. Jjust cause he got hit by a nuclear bomb doesn't necessarily mean he's dead! He got a comet crashed on his noggin in the last one and he's still alive... :)

"A Cinematic Epic"

Great Job..Nice Directing..Can't wait to see more!!

TFX responds:

Jose Ortiz replied to my- *collapses*

Incredibly Done!!

Damn, Martin!! your animating shilz are NasTy!!!

Nice movement, Great Timing, histerical gags, and awsome sound effects!!!

And All this for under a meg too!!!

ya can't beat that

damianmartins responds:

Thanks, Bud. I tried hard to get the most for the filesize with this one. I'm sure you know what I'm talkin' about (HOC) :)

Great Stuff!!

I love this series!!

fourchinnigan responds:

That means a lot coming from you. Glad you are digging it.

Red or Blue, Bitch!?!? RED OR BLUE!!!?!?!?!?

Direction, Pacing, Style, Sound,..all impeccable!!!!

Like I said before, You gotz da' "Gift"..I love to See one man Flash movies, this is the best by Far!!!!! keep It Up!!!...Whoooo..Ya got my Flash juices Flowing!!!!!

Beast0 responds:

:), thanks dude, much appreciated. Now all i need is some bitch to take me on board a team, an gimme some money :P

Nice Job!!

For a first Time Submission This is well above average!!! I can imagine how much you appreciate how hard it is to animate multi-layered characters, and you really did a fine job with this one!!!..In fact this Flash is even more complex than the First animation I did in Flash!!!
I definitly would like to see your next adventure,because for a first time flash this is quite impressive, and It can only get better from here....So Keep it up!!!!


Cerberust responds:

wow a review by the flash guru! thank you very much, im still getting to know flash, but i do agree that this is decent for a first time submission.

Thank you for bring back a Classic!!!

Funny ,When I first saw vector art in flash, this game immediately came to mind,...It's such an obvious choice , I do know why somebody didn't think of it sooner:)
This was one of the most intense games for the snes in it's day...I remember turning off the lights and spooking my self out while my brother tried to pass those damn leeces!!:)you Did an excellent job capturing the Graphics , Style, mood, and pure essence of the game...Even better!! I didn't have to play the game to see the Cinemas!!!..I eagerly anticipate you next release!!

smokeshow responds:

haha thanks... I knew there was other people that loved this game as much as I did... It was just so original, I was imidiatly drawn to it because of it's originality and erieness, I'll be working on a sequal... twice as much action and blood next time though... well actually 10 times more!


Great job!

damianmartins responds:

Thank, Jose. Means a lot comming from you. Can't wait to see Stagger. And dispite the some shit I've said in the past, you're the best. And that crap about you're lack of creativity I choked hard on when I saw your fuckin' site. It's mind blowing. Thank again, bro. Peace.

Great Work Again Guys!!!

Love This one to pieces!!! My only suggestion is to bring up the sound quality, the movies is only 800k, and thats a great job, but hell bring it up to 1meg to make the sound clearer, other that that I loved every minute of it, and the "Fug" cameo ruled!! Hahah

redfxdotnet responds:

Thanks man. I tried with the sound, but that was a 2 dollar microphone issue :) I'll have to get a better one.

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