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Very Good

Overall A Really good effect.. I personally liked the destruction in the begining, as the shots flowed nicely.. I think if you plan on sticking with tween fight animation,you might want to consider adding Knee and elbow joints to your characters,..as the added flexibility will give you a mucher Smoother result..



djchrispy responds:

Yeah the only thing thats difficult about giving them joints is that its a smooth shade that i do, like a cell-shading ish method. If i did joints, it would be insanely hard to get the blends to match

This was nice!

really really well done.. you have the timing down you you picked great angles for the shots.. my only suggestion is to take more time with the graphics.. and you'll own the portal:)

keep up the great work

MadFLeX responds:

lol..yeah i got lazy, it's true. but how do i own the portal when jose ortiz is around?=]

Wow what can I say..

That was a pure joy to watch..

ParagonX9 responds:

Hhehe Cool... I know you, You're the one who made the Classic 'Robocop PD'! ^_^

Good, I'm glad you liked it :)
Thank you!

It's No surprize.....

That this shit gave me goosebumps!!:)..

it's made by one of the NG allstars!:)

See?.. making tributes aint so bad now are they?:)..(I know I know, Its not a tribute:)

I loved every minute of it..
great Timing and Pacing..Animation was smooth and exaggerated, with I think most serious short dont do enough of..
Your lighting and compostion was all on point..
You put alot of love into it and it shows.. Love the paper affect too..You have a great Eye for composition!.. Between you and Ben, your a Flash force to be reckoned with!.. Can't wait to see more..

BenSpurgin responds:

Thanks, Jo-Tiz! As always, means a lot when you review.
You're never going to let go of those couple of stinky, bitter reviews I wrote you, are you? ;) Come on... You know I love HOC as much as anyone!! 10 Dinotron's CAN'T be wrong ~(:P)

Nice Job Lee!

Great timing, and excellent pacing..
Your drawing skillz have improved also!..

Welcome home Bro!

pyropymp responds:

Hail the great Ortiz! Nice to see you too, dude.

Some of the Best StoryTelling in a long Time!


Where do I start?
Ok this was so well paced, and So well layered that I have to say you have the eye of a Director..
Funny, It was so well put together that I said to myself, "He must've Storyboarded This",.. and I was right.. (you see storyboad shot during the credits!)...
Great Work Man! I would love to see you try your hand in Directing others as well..
Hell, If I ever get free time again, It would be an honor to have one of my Shorts Directed by you..
Impeccable work my friend

Henrik-Hermans responds:

Heh, thanks for the offer but I only direct my own movies.

great Job! and Nice Style!!

I think you've done a great job here!!..
I would definately suggest not using gradience on the animation, as it causes major slowdown...Actually I had done a Musicplayer in a similair fashion some time ago...Have a look,and hopefully it can give you some ideas for your next Transformation!!

http://w ww.transfandom.com/2005BNM/jaz zdetails.shtml

Take it easy, and good luck!!

BlueStreak420 responds:

Let me just say first of all I'm thrilled to hear praise from you. I'm a big fan of Transfandom.com and was actually inspired to do this particular piece by your Jazz musicplayer. I hope to someday be as good as you, and can't wait for Heroes 2!

Once Again............

Great Freaking Job!!!! Timing, movement,pacing..everything is on point...
Don't agree with the ending though:(...
I want you to keep going :)

Ben-Spurgin responds:

Hehhe thanks Jose. Jjust cause he got hit by a nuclear bomb doesn't necessarily mean he's dead! He got a comet crashed on his noggin in the last one and he's still alive... :)

"A Cinematic Epic"

Great Job..Nice Directing..Can't wait to see more!!

TFX responds:

Jose Ortiz replied to my- *collapses*

Incredibly Done!!

Damn, Martin!! your animating shilz are NasTy!!!

Nice movement, Great Timing, histerical gags, and awsome sound effects!!!

And All this for under a meg too!!!

ya can't beat that

damianmartins responds:

Thanks, Bud. I tried hard to get the most for the filesize with this one. I'm sure you know what I'm talkin' about (HOC) :)

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