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Very Funny.

You're obviously a Big Conan O'Brien Fan..

Nice work.

Dustball responds:

I am!

Awesome Work.

You have excellent Timing man!
and great pacing on the shots , as well as Solid Direction.

This was a lot of fun to watch..


Get-lost responds:

Thanks dude

Nice Job.,

This nicely thought out, and the jokes you had in there were funny too.

keep up the good work.

my only suggestion is to change those footstep sounds. they all sounded like they were running in womens heels. haha

ZyneXx responds:

Wow cool being reviewd by the famous Mindchamber! I guess it did sound like running woman hehe I think I will change that soon. Thanx 4 youre review! Love youre work.

had to catch my breath

Ok lets get this out of the way.
The art an animation needs work. Im sure you guys know that. and you could've shortened up some scenes to give it a cleaner flow..
Ok.. no with that said.

I laughed my ass off with this one.. You told a great story and it was a really funny premise..

By the end I was in tears when Link was struggling with Zelda , with tears in his eyes and fists clenched.. Goddamn that was funny.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

hmm..a bit sadistic no?..but yeah, the fact that i draw bad and the movie went to slow slowly comes across..

Freakin Sweet!!!

I cant wait for the next Klaymation Movie!!

its gonna rock hard!!

Knox responds:

yes it will...

Haha holie crap

That was Great!.. I decided to pop over to "Cheese" after seeing chicken..

Dam I love your timing!!.. the Movements are great!! as was your Chicken walk!! haha

More man!

Sherbalex responds:

Heh then more you shall have!


Hey many That was great!

and nice timing!!

Sherbalex responds:

Woooaaaahhh it's Mindchamber.

Holie Shit Thomas!!

That was fucking Sweet!!

great work man!

I liked how you kept all the great niuances that worked in the original while building up on the rest..
that was great man.. Looked like broadcast quality!



pyropymp responds:

JOSE! When do we see your next masterpiece??? Pico 2 perhaps? ;)

Truely The Mind of a Brillant Director

Stop motion is a very difficult Skill to master, not to mention adding comedic timing and Personality to inanimate objects.. and I have to say Dustball, you truly nailed it..

Not only that, but the animation did not overshadow the Story, and thats a testiment to your skill as a Director..

Cannot wait to see more from you...


Dustball responds:

Thank you very much!

Well, Well!

Gel, I'm seriously Impressed..
That was Grade A work..
I can finally see why you're snive and disrespectfull to other peoples Work!!
you truly have skillz..
The Timing, and line work.. even your choices of what to animate and where was impeccible..

I had to take a few points off in my book tho..
The characters where totally of generic Disney Coloring book Variety..
Originally I watched this without sound..
and.. its much better..
the Voice acting is horrific, and you repeated "Hello twice and its very obvious..
fix that..

NG-Versus responds:

Gel's Response: True, you got the voice acting right. It's not great, but I still thank the actor for doing the job.

You said I used the "hello" sound twice, and I didn't. It's two different recordings, but the voice acting didn't portray it as very different... But you didn't like the music? Dustball composed it just for Envy (in a matter of hours)!

I'm always respectful to other people's work, but some people, hint hint, take things the wrong way. By the way, "snive" is not a word.

Thanks for reviewing!

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