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Once again, grade A work man,

I love the pacing in this one, its quick and snaps..
also your movement is tighting up..
looks like you jacked some Zombies from your Rain series, but the killing sequences are unique and original..Very cool shit man..
Glad you decided to Run with this Badboy, than wait for the rest of our herb asses,haha:)
Congrats on some awesome work..
can't wait for the best Dead Rain installment.


SickDeathFiend responds:

all the art was made for this, no jacking! *except for the swat truck*
cool you dig it >=D

I really try..

I really do try and see the humor in this..
but it's just not funny.. I think your clay animations are much funny.. and the timing are overall better in those..

maybe if you edited these a bit more, and play around with the timing and the punchlines, they wouldnt drag as much..
just a suggestion.

The weird part is I thought your resident evil one was hilarious. Possibly I've seen too many of these, and the style is staling up a bit..

Knox responds:

haha this is my last relaoded,im working on a clay series :)
im getting tired of making these any way

Great Work!!

nice pacing, and nice choice of shots, and really cool jpg backgroundds!

very cool series, and they improve with each new episode!!

looking foward to 6!!


SickDeathFiend responds:

Yeah those backgrounds are a pain.Part 6 should be alot better...I hope

Nice Work Guys

great Collabin' on all fronts!

fun and abstract piece!


T0MMY responds:

I was hoping you had time for the bonus animation in the extras features, but we'll get you in on the next jam instead ;)
Thanks for stopping by to watch and review!


I liked it!

At first I found it eerie, (must be the song).. then the Head bop with the slow camera pan made me crack a smile... then I remembered Data reciting that joke and I laughed... I like this on alot.. right up there with your reading raneBow productions!! nice work!


JeremyLokken responds:

aw thanks man! Those reading rainbow ones were always a little eerie too, but still had some comic value.

Not to sound like one of the nay-sayers....

...and I wont just slap you with a Zero, since these do take effort to create....

But these newer ones are loosing their bite..

By far the funnest one you Created are the original Clay animations and the First Resident Evil Clips..

My only suggestion is that you get more voice help and add alittle diverisity to it.. and take more time with the material.. sit down and write it out.. Mistery Science Theatre spent hours with a clip and pull out some funny bits.. Some of these sound like your just adlibbing as you go.. and if you that long enough its bound to get stale..
Just a suggestion, take it as you wish:)..

Knox responds:

actually how i do it,is i think of what hes gonna talk about and how hes gonna do it,then i just do it without scripting.
it comes out alot funnier that way,and thats how i did it with KM AND KRE,it dosnt come out as funny for some reason when i script it,check out KM1,thats the only one i scripted...and that SUCKED!
i know what im doing ;)

Great Work!!

While I agree with you, this is your best work.. Your other pieces are also expectional!!.. The artwork is great.You have a nice eye for timing and compostion.. not to mention your one of the best Tween animators I've seen in a long time..

be proud!!


Bleeg responds:

Wow, thanks! I'm a fan.

Very Good

Overall A Really good effect.. I personally liked the destruction in the begining, as the shots flowed nicely.. I think if you plan on sticking with tween fight animation,you might want to consider adding Knee and elbow joints to your characters,..as the added flexibility will give you a mucher Smoother result..



djchrispy responds:

Yeah the only thing thats difficult about giving them joints is that its a smooth shade that i do, like a cell-shading ish method. If i did joints, it would be insanely hard to get the blends to match

This was nice!

really really well done.. you have the timing down you you picked great angles for the shots.. my only suggestion is to take more time with the graphics.. and you'll own the portal:)

keep up the great work

MadFLeX responds:

lol..yeah i got lazy, it's true. but how do i own the portal when jose ortiz is around?=]

Wow what can I say..

That was a pure joy to watch..

ParagonX9 responds:

Hhehe Cool... I know you, You're the one who made the Classic 'Robocop PD'! ^_^

Good, I'm glad you liked it :)
Thank you!

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