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that about sums it up.

excellent work you two.

RadicalWrongDoers responds:

You support this?

haha nice

Awesome work, I love your stuff. Some of the transitions between shots were kind of awkward, but for the most part I got the jist and found it funny!

deadspread83 responds:

Thanks. You know, you're not half bad yourself :)

this couldve been a holloween flash as well haha.

Nice work, wish it was longer, want more, plz comply.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

LOUDRED shouts while stamping its feet. After it finishes shouting, this POKéMON becomes incapable of hearing anything for a while. This is considered to be a weak point.

wasnt really

that funny, and the fight scene was too short and uninterestin.

Clacethestickman responds:

The one joke that was included in this was admittedly pretty crap, and yeah, I'm aware the fight scene itself was a bit short, I'll try to improve on both of those things when I get around to making another movie. As for the uninteresting part, I didn't really think it wasn't interesting, but if you didn't think it was then I guess I need to improve on that, too. Thanks for the comment!

Great teamwork!

Nice work! please pass our compliments down to the group of artists that make these videos, I would love to read their replies to them one day.

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

You just gave me an idea better than what I was already doing.
I need to write this down so i don't forget.

EDIT: I sent them an email. If they agree to what I asked this may happen soon.

hahaha man, that was great!

loved all the fbf goodness it and you pretty much got every weapon in there too lol.

Thanks Crocker and Jak, that was awesome.

d-z responds:

Jak knew all those weapons by heart!

Hahaha, you had me at the friggin Icon.

the look of that panda in your movie icon is hilarious.

this was great btw, lots of action and tons of fun went into making this and it shows,

LeafWorthy responds:

Lol thx MC! So much fun =D

nice work.

you really show chunli as the badass she really is.

Suroy responds:

Are you happy about this ? Poor girl... And Strider Hiryu ? You think is he a badass too ?

Many things will happen on next movie... I expect you like the next...

Thank you very much

haha nice

that was alot of fun to watch, and I loved how you gave Scorpion twin spears, and had them use them in a kata. That was probably my favorite part. The bounding boxes around the sprites were annoying as was the repeating background sky. but you really did have a lot of fun making this and it shows. Im Sure Ed Boon will love you for this as well, as a fun flash like this will give the him alot of extra publicity. I know watching this made me want to give the game a chance now.

haha. keep having fun, eventually when you move away from sprites someday, you can look back at this and smile cause it was such a blast.

Red-Lantern responds:

definately agree 100 percent. I am dying to be in the same league as Monty Oum now but I am no where near there and no where near Proxicide. Both of them have been a great deal of inspiration for me. I too hope Ed Boon watches this and tries to contact me or something because I love Mortal Kombat and I love DC both equally and nothing would satisfy my passion then to get an opportunity to work with either company. But I am glad you enjoyed it.

haha damn you released it

Im glad you did man, its pretty hilarious, and well animated.

Nelson responds:

happy now?

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