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haha very cute.
the robots unicycle was frame by frame though :-p

HipnikDragomir responds:

Thanks, man. Yea :/ ... Hmm... Guess I couldn't think of how to tween it at the time :p I also cheated a bit with the human

nice work. fun art style and animation

Jeanyawesome responds:

Thank you. I was trying out a new art style to see how it would look.

excellent use of cel shading, man that was perfect, At first I thought it was really elaborate symbol work using flash.
Might I humbly suggest you use a noise filter on the lines for the cel shader and maybe even go in and
hand draw some smears/doubles to really sell the 2d look.

Jason-H responds:

That's actually a pretty cool idea. I'll try messing with it.

excellent work. You put a lot of work into this and it shows, love your style and colors.

TaraGraphika responds:

Thanks MindChamber. I had to pushed it back to July. Hehehehehe. Whoopsie.

this was pretty damn funny, nice job

ActiveObjectX responds:

hooray for funny!

great episode, love the dymanics between the two characters, and all those coffee puns were killer!

ML30883 responds:

Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it!!

i enjoyed this very much man.. originally i had thought you were just having fun with this lilith character...really blew my mind that she is based on actual scripture... bravo dude

a very nice surpise.
I really enjoyed this.. Its well written,didnt pull any punches about what the community at large feels has been missing from the site, but gives hope..

great job, you put a lot of thought and care into this and it shows

artistunknown responds:

Oh wow. I'm really glad you enjoyed this, MindChamber! It really means a lot to get praise from someone I've admired for years.

Thank you very much for the review! I'm glad all my hard work shows ;3

Haha nice work..love your colors n style

JazLyte responds:

Oh thtop it you big thexy butter robot

Storywise it was painful, and verylazy.. Changing enough to make it seem orginal but stealing most if not all the elements from the Orginal movies..
Roof Fight scene? Check..
Ralph going on his own? Check...

Ohh OOOOH lets be clever!! instead of Ralph getting hurt and being saved by his brothers, lets make his Brothers get hurt and He saves all of them!!.. High Five.. StarBucks Break..

Visually it was great, the turtle designs sucked, but what can ya do.. you gotta sit back and just let it all ride, like a bad LSD trip so you can laugh about it later

rubberonion responds:

I laughed pretty hard at "high five... Starbucks break" haha

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