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hahah that was great man,, weird as fuck

CoolDrMoney responds:

Im one wacky character!

nicely done,great visual representations of some really rough disporders... would love to see your interpretation of schizophrenia

nice work guys, funny and pretty much indistinguishable from the actual show haha

RicePirate responds:

miss u b

sorry for the late review, this came out amazing, so great and heartfelt

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Aww thank you! :) it was a lot of work. I'm still proud of it. This is basically what inspired the NG Zero Hour game, well the theme and contest as a whole. I still want to start on that again next year. Thanks for being a part of this!

The fact it got Daily 1st is a first for me. I'm really thankful for this community. I'd love to do something like this again somehow. The artists and everyone else did an amazing job. I feel this really captured the spirit of Newgrounds. The spoken parts people did were really inspiring too, loved that. Thanks man!

Gorgeous,.. tvpaint?

Bowz responds:

Thanks! It's Toon Boom Harmony.

a few months late with this, but man, this is neat, everyone did great, and HBD to luis!

Clatform responds:

Many thanks, my friend!

Great work. A more surreal and symbolic take on the sacrifices from nurses and doctors that care about thier patients.. I dig it alot.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

thats cool that you interpret it that way, from my point of view the point of the cartoon was to symbolize the warmth of blood donation and to encourage people to donate. But I'm glad that you had a different interpretation

hahah, nice job man

Blordow responds:

thx pop

lookin good man, love your bible stories and this new toon didn't disappoint

excellent work, love your style and humor. really creative.
I will mirror the previous reviewers sentiments and say it probably wouldn't hurt to saturate the characters a lil bit to separate them from the backgrounds

Butzbo responds:

Wow thanks a lot MC!
And that's a pretty good point; I think I slowly began to get used to more 'pastel' colors, but now that it's being mentioned, and considering the functional purpose, I'll keep it in mind for future works :)

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