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excellent work.. love the lighting in this, really awesome use of colors and glows.. the character designs have that nice retro feel to them too.. and did I spot a jaguar controller at the end there? ? >< god im old.

FunPix responds:

not saying it is... not saying it isn't...

Nice job, killer trailer. All the effects ,lighting and shadows are impeccable.. The simplier character designs to the backgrounds are a bit jarring, but once the camera is pulled back It seems less of a issue. Hope the game is doing well!

Alucard responds:

Hey buddy, how you doing?
I'm more than grateful for your review, shows your upmost respect for my projects.
At the moment I just finished my ambitious tittle called ''Lost in Hell''!
It's a shooting side-scroller game, I'd be really glad you to check it out:
The game is in need of wishlists on Steam if you could do it or share to someone that can...
Would help a whole lot my career! Thanks man, take care!

Nice job!, great timing on those flurry attacks
Fun fight scene overall

AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks man thanks..... i am so happy to see your comment ✌😁

Fantastic choreography as always love your angles and shots bro

JazLyte responds:

Much appreciated dude!

nice job, loved all the different styles and mediums.

Jsoull responds:

Thanks dude!

This is a very fun loop, and really is full of charm and personality.. Love all the overthe top mechanizations of a simple process.

hexic54 responds:

Thank you, I had a lot of fun doing this one! :-)

Not bad!.. Zenbo is pretty rediculous, and you expressed that nicely

JustRigo responds:


real shame.. hes a talented dude.. We originally were going to make a mindchamber game together. He had the MC sprite running in flash pretty smoothly. Unfortunately we had a falling out, and hadnt spoken since 2005. Oddly enough, I noticed he viewed my linkedin page earlier this year, and I had planned to break the silence by sending him a message,but I never got around to it. I really feel bad for not making that first move. RIP my dude

awesome timing and creative kills.. That was alotta fun , nice job!.. and that song,. just the right amount of cheeze :3

AshisAnimation responds:

Thankyu very much for liked my work...actually this is a 2nd part of my stick fight heros series... i already uploaded the 1st part also here...you can also cheak that.... by the way in this days , i am working on 3rd part also...but its take too much time...thanks man

nice job, that was fun!!

kalabor106 responds:


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