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MindChamber's News

Posted by MindChamber - February 14th, 2009

The 2nd Annual Newgrounds Tank Awards is upon us, and everyone on the staff is very excited. So I decided to create a video that best shows the pain and love that goes into each trophy.

Props to Tom and bob for being good sports,
Thanks to Nathan for the lights and suggestions

vimeo embed isnt working, so I had to use youtube, Sorry.

/* */
I used Xarnor's song for the running sequence.

Dj_Padman's awesome song for the Pbot scene.

and SenshiSama piece started off the whole thing nice and mellow-like

It's a Tank!


Posted by MindChamber - January 31st, 2009

Has anyone seen this amazing documentary? It basically followed what happened in the 90s when the electric cars that being made in California, began to get noticed and swayed the public opinion away from gas cars.

Big Oil companies began to take notice, and squeezed the Big car companies into dropping the whole electric car biz all together. Brand new , totally unused Electric cars were ground into metal dust. Swept under the rug, and no one was the wiser.

The electric car business has always been an interest to me. There has been, in one form or another, an electric car since the early 1900s . Nikola Tesla was said to have had a prototype of a "horseless carriage", but I guess thats as far as it went.

Anyways, thanks to a smarter, more shrewed consumer, looks like hiking up gas prices and blaming it on a wars isn't gonna cut it this time. No matter what the oil companies tried to do, people stood home this Christmas, everyone tightened their belts, no one traveled, everyone is turning their backs towards the oil and gas industries and looking towards something better, and companies are scrambling to get a chance to grab that market again. The only problem this time is these dope new electric cars I've been seeing are fuckin expensive. I mean sure I would love a badass looking Electric car, The Tesla Roadster and the Chevy Volt make K.i.T.T. look like a model T. But who can afford that?

Like seriously, how is anyone saving anything if only a few rich people have electric cars, while the rest of the world is still on gas? By The Way, this is just the U.S. apparently every other country in Europe and China GET IT. They've had cheap Electric cars for years, while we choke down this nasty oil business.

Well It looks like Cheap Electric cars are coming back. While surfing the net, i found one. I was, like ho-lie shit , an electric commuter car for about the price of a Hyundai. Thats pretty hot. Always wanted an electric car, but figured it was going to be one of those eccentric dreams that only the rich can obtain. Even better this small company is located in Philly!! and these puppies are comin out this spring! I'mma start saving up for one now. Also don't forget to see the documentary.

BG Electric car

P.S. Im no Tree-hugger, for me its not about the environment, it's about lost technologies that were rightfully ours, but taken from us, out of greed.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Posted by MindChamber - January 13th, 2009

Give this guy some props cause, he knows how to poop!

Snake my Pebbles remix
gave me a good laugh.

Posted by MindChamber - January 8th, 2009

Probably what goes through your mind whenever you see someone posting some traced, copied, deadleaves, jetgrindradio, paprika lookin stuff in the art forum, and you cant really prove it. Well try your luck with this


Its a reverse image search engine, that actually looks for copies or likenesses of an image.

I don't know how many of you already know about it, so disregard if you do, but they seem to state its pretty new which is why the search isn't really 100%, but the more you search with it, the bigger its library gets so we should all use it often.

This is also a cool way to track your art. Just to see how far it has spread and where things end up may yield interesting results. So I say it doesn't hurt to play around with it.

The only downside is you have to register to use it. I'm assuming to prevent it from being spammed by bots.

either way, doesn't hurt to mess around with it.

Unoriginal, anime tracin',  lame ass...

Posted by MindChamber - December 25th, 2008

Thanks to Tom's LoLwolf Post, I wanted to do something In the same Goofy vein, but somehow aimed towards the Holiday theme.

So I asked Tom if I could take a couple of days to whip up a flash quickie that Consisted of Frosty, hot cocoa , a latch-key kid and a sticky door. Tom said sure.. I mean How many bosses do you know that greenlight some of your mosted retarded Ideas? Sometimes I forget I how much I FUCKIN LOVE THIS JOB.

anways. You can see Tom posted that video last wednesday. Started this goofy Idea that Thrusday, did alil on sunday, and finished it up earlier today. So about five days. Its shorter, so its alil more detailed than my last submission, but not by much lol. Also sorry if I eat my words as Frost'D. Voiceactin' skillz aint up to par with voicegirl's (she did timmy)

either case, enjoy it and enjoy your holidays Fellas.

A Frost'D Christmas

Posted by MindChamber - November 30th, 2008

Seriously. Its getting tiring.

I just went to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. To change my NewYork Id, and get my license again.

So the dudes is inputting all my information. Then Looks at me. Then looks back to his computer.
Then back again my way.

I asked him whats up. He replies "it says here, you have something in Illinois , " I laugh. I never been there..

He gives me a "hmmmmm" So Im like, Dude, cross check my social, you cant do a check by name alone.
He said he cant do that. Then after like a minute, hes like. Ok, never mind. I asked why. Hes like,
your name is popping in UTAH, and Massachusetts, and and CA, and..

I was like good lord, you know my name is common right?. He was like 'apparently"

Now this situation isn't so bad, but it happens, ALOT. When I went to comicCon with Tom and the rest of the guys, the clerk flatout said "we are holding on more info on Mr Ortiz, apparently you have a bench Warrant".. I was like WHAT?? come on. Tom and the rest smiled and giggled, but I could tell that it was a nervous giggle. Lol white people are so gullible :-p

This also happened when I came back from Italy, and pretty much happens anytime I have to show a passport. Its really getting tiring.

And its Scary. We all know this System by which we are governed, is faulty and loose. One mis-identification and I could be detained somewhere indefinitely. Haha fuck , just another reason to hate to travel.

I constantly have made jokes about changing my name, but lately Ive been giving it some serious thought.

lol, MindChamber Ortiz.

Posted by MindChamber - October 24th, 2008

So Im itching to mess with clay again. My MindChamber, came out pretty pimp , being the first time I made a figure with joints and all.(PS , yes those are working LEDs, thanks for the help Wade)

I think I want to smell that funky Polymer clay in my fingernails once again. People Voted on A-Bot, as the next figure I should tackle

The catch here is making him a posable figure is no longer enough, I also want him to have the same visualizer that he has in the Audio Portal. Then after more thought I'm figuring he might as well transform,

There has already been a transformer made with an MP3 inside it. MP3 Soundwave

Making a custom mp3 soundwave to look like A-Bot would be easy enough, But I want to add a bit more.

I want the legs to have the speakers and the speakers to work, as well has having a visualizer, which will probably make him top heavy but I do have some ideas to correct that.

The Real problem is, I cant find a decent MP3 player that has a visualizer. Simply because visualizer on portable mp3 players would make no sense and kill the battery. Still, I can't believe no one has made a mod for this yet, people love overkill, and a visualizer on an mp3 seems overkill enough to have been made into at least one model. I just gotta find it.

The closest I have found was Mobiblu Boxon

The player is flat, and has a wide screen, and even has a visulizer at the bottom. only problem is how small it is. I want a full screen visualizer.

another option is to get this player, and simply add movies to it with songs that I like , and the visualizer looping in the movie. but that would be really lame and last option.

"Back Door Pats"

just curious what people thought of this. A BackDoor Pat is when a really popular or established flash artist, that you may admire, gives you a compliment over PM or email, but doesn't actually post a review.

Some people think the review system is a joke, or maybe they think their message would be missed.

I dont know about you , but If an artist I truly admired posted a review I would know.
I would be so honored, excited and flattered that he posted his thoughts with the rest, that to me it just means more, like publicly tipping his hat, in a crowd where others can see. When you get that backDoor Pat, its like.. eh good job kid, but if you say I was here, I'll deny it.
Maybe I'm just too cynical, and I simply don't take things for face value but. There's a reason we love to read our reviews its because we really want complaints as well as criticism public for all to see.

Anyways, as for the Mp3 player. let me know if any of you got any ideas. thanks.


I plan to use the T-Qualizer Cap, for the visualizer. Its thin and durable, and should work just fine.

Need an Mp3 Player, with a visualizer!. and backdoor Pats.

Posted by MindChamber - October 10th, 2008

Ok So I downloaded SpeedRacer from Xboxlive the other day.
I figured why not, at the very least I will grab a few animation tips from the overly cartoony cg Race scenes. What I got was a lesson in some of the most creative Directing, editing and film making to come in a long time. The cuts from scene to scene are artistic in thier own right, the zooming in, overlaying of characters, are all original, and unique. No question the editor of this movie had to have ha a background in animation just to keep up. Forget about, for a minute, the drama behind the Wachowskis, forget the weirdness, the claim that they didnt write the Matrix, forget any of that. These Guys are geniuses, and in my eyes, whether they wrote Matrix or not, they are the only ones who couldve pulled that off.

SpeedRacer as most of you guys know is an adaptation of the 60's anime of the same name. The show shocked kids and family alike for its unusually real consequences, but goofy dialogue. Mobsters ran the tracks, Corruption, dudes got shot. Its made for a weird cartoon, and even weirder live action movie adaption. The scenery and actors have this gleem to them, very robotic and fake, but I say that in realest way possible. Almost like the Duracell family commercials, but just like the show, they deal with these real world dilemmas.
Things like Speeds older brother dying, race drivers being tortured by the mob to lose races, and Giant corrupt Corporations that control and fix races so they can control the markets. All of this has this very surreal uneasy feeling it gives you, but it works! I have no doubt in my mind this was all intentional. Its the same surreal feeling you got when you watched the first Ninja Turtle movie.
Here comes the turtles all smiling and happy with their pizza, like the show, then BAM, Master Splinter is bloody ,sweaty, chained to a fence, and one of the turtles is dying in a tub. LIKE MAN.
what happened here!
The acting runs the gambit of grounded and heartfelt (John Goodman) to the incredibly stale and fail (Christina Ricci). Which was probably unintentional and does hurt the film a bit, but that's all immediately forgotten once a race starts. The intense colors will make your eyes bleed, and the imaginative way to which the drivers use their cars as weapons has never been done before till this movie. The whole movie has this incredibly fake feel to it, explosions are colorful, the dirt that kicks up is incredibly cartoony, but the magic here is not that they are making you believe this world looks real, but that it feels REAL.

The Wachowskis didn't just create a simple movie tie in, they created a work of art, and possibly the next cult classic that will no doubt be shown in film classes for years to come.
Lets make sure people keep funding these guys'/gals' visions and pick up the DVD.

To all the non-believers, I have this to say:



Go SpeedRacer.   Seriously Go Pick this up.

Posted by MindChamber - October 3rd, 2008

Listen guys. This isn't some Newgrounds fat joke, I'm being completely serious about this, and I want you to take me serious for a moment please. This is very important and most of all hard for me to do... I'm a chubbychaser, a porkpoacher, whatever you want to call it. I'min love with them fatties and i've known it since i was like 5. I grew up in a pretty strict catholic environment and eventually came out at age 16 to my family [which didn't go well]. No I'm not Catholic I'm Atheist. Point is I hate myself for it. I absolutely hate the living core of myself for it. For many reasons.

One, I hate being labeled. I hate being labeled with the reputation that BBW lovers have developed for themselves.

Two, growing up all through my childhood I've always heard nothing but negative things about chubbychasin' , most of this being bullshit, i know. But that stuff still is engraved in my head and still goes through my mind whenever I feed someone. Therefore, I have trouble accepting the fact that I love them fatties.

Three, I am not a hogpounder, and do not prefer excessively fat and/or very rotund-like girls. If you get out of breath getting up the stairs to my bedroom, then there's a problem, I'm just a dude that likes plumpers who also happen to be women... if that makes any sense.

Four, I have no self confidence. BBW lovers have lots of that. I might seem like am self confident. But all I do is hide my chubbies into the back seat of my car, and act silly.

[There are more reasons, but prefer not going through them.]

I had to say this because starting from today, I plan on actually getting over the fact that my bullshit insecurity about my sexual preference has taken over me, and I am oh so fucking sick of it. I need to grow up and go on. One thing I want to make clear is that there is a difference between a chubbychaser, and mountain climbing, and I am not a pervert. If you catch me making any fart sound effects, or any sexually themed topics. Do not consider that I might be coming on to you because you are Phat (pretty hot and tempting :) . BBW lovers don't like you cause you're a thickie, they just like girls. Besides, the sexually related comments, art, animation and such that I make public of are always intentioned to be taken as sarcasm [except for this news post of course]. So if you have a problem with me and my genetic glitch, you have 3 possible answers:

A: Go fuck a fatone, you stupid cunt.
B: Go to arbys.
C: were can I get sum.

Take your pic.
-HVH (Humpy for Very Heavies)

p.s. let me emphasis on this. fat jokes and chubby jokes make me lol. Nothing there has changed.
This just had to be known because of the fact that never flinching when some size5 girl walked past me, had people thinking I was gay :(

A Very Personal Message to NG

Posted by MindChamber - September 25th, 2008

Well Madness Day is now over and Im still settling down from the buzz.
There was alot of really cool submissions this year, and Im glad I was able to be a part of it this time.

I hope I didn't creep too many of you out with my freaky submission.
It was fun hustling on that thing and The last two days before I submitted were killer but it was fun to finally upload something again.

Nothing really compares to the high you feel while you wait there all giddy for your submission to pass judgment and read all the cool and retarded comments. Especially the retarded ones, Those never get old haha.

Anyway if anyone was curious how I was able to stay up for so long have a look at my Blam Juice!

The tank flavored Exlixir with enough vector nector to keep you animatin' for days on straight! haha

Actually I have planned to have these available for the next time we do an east coast con.

But here's the cool part. I had these done purely for sample purposes and to get an idea of what the cans would look like., The fact that these cans will be at the next east con is still up in the air, and the final design isnt even finalized, so that makes these puppies some pretty neat collectors items.

So Just to show how amped making that submission got me, I will be mailling one out to the first 5 five winners of Madness day..

Hope you guys enjoy them


BTW, just know Im doing this personally so after the winners give their address info to bob they need to do so again for me, just make sure you have BLAM JUICE IN YOUR subject.

Btw I uploaded the Movie to youtube,I was getting alot of PMs about how my movie was crashin comps etc. Its really is just a quick and dirty flash so ya, its not gonna play all that great on lower end computers, so I uploaded it, but the compression raped it, so if anyone has better suggestions let me know.

/* */

Madness Day and Blam Juice