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MindChamber's News

Posted by MindChamber - September 25th, 2008

Well Madness Day is now over and Im still settling down from the buzz.
There was alot of really cool submissions this year, and Im glad I was able to be a part of it this time.

I hope I didn't creep too many of you out with my freaky submission.
It was fun hustling on that thing and The last two days before I submitted were killer but it was fun to finally upload something again.

Nothing really compares to the high you feel while you wait there all giddy for your submission to pass judgment and read all the cool and retarded comments. Especially the retarded ones, Those never get old haha.

Anyway if anyone was curious how I was able to stay up for so long have a look at my Blam Juice!

The tank flavored Exlixir with enough vector nector to keep you animatin' for days on straight! haha

Actually I have planned to have these available for the next time we do an east coast con.

But here's the cool part. I had these done purely for sample purposes and to get an idea of what the cans would look like., The fact that these cans will be at the next east con is still up in the air, and the final design isnt even finalized, so that makes these puppies some pretty neat collectors items.

So Just to show how amped making that submission got me, I will be mailling one out to the first 5 five winners of Madness day..

Hope you guys enjoy them


BTW, just know Im doing this personally so after the winners give their address info to bob they need to do so again for me, just make sure you have BLAM JUICE IN YOUR subject.

Btw I uploaded the Movie to youtube,I was getting alot of PMs about how my movie was crashin comps etc. Its really is just a quick and dirty flash so ya, its not gonna play all that great on lower end computers, so I uploaded it, but the compression raped it, so if anyone has better suggestions let me know.

/* */

Madness Day and Blam Juice

Posted by MindChamber - August 27th, 2008

And Sadly so am I,

so if any you goons wanna go at it, then hit me up before I pass out.

Castle Crashers is up

Posted by MindChamber - July 30th, 2008

Haven't posted in a bit, so heres what Im doing.

Rise Of PBot is still in the mix, though I do stop here and there to either work on another quick project or to make art for the game for Rise. Another thing I'm excited about is being tapped to join a group of artists from NG that I highly respect. I've been asked to create a flash as a submission piece, and I'm excited over the idea of testing my worth. The first shot you see is a more stylized version of mindchamber that I hope fits better with the group's aesthetic and fun style. The second pic is the Second level art of the Pbot game which I sent off to FrostedMuffins.

and the last shot is a quick glimpse at some of the annoying characters that have been chasing Pbot down for that flash. more info to come later.

Larger image here

Still  Truckin'

Posted by MindChamber - June 15th, 2008

last week and the weekend before was pretty busy around here. Personally I used the week to finish up my collab piece, and shake off the buzz from the BigApple Con. So heres my thoughts on a couple of things,


BigAppleCon was great. It was pretty damn awesome to meet such an amped up and excited group of NG fans. Catching that vibe was totally invigorating and helps me and Im sure alot of us to push forward.
The booth ran great I thanks to the awesome fans and artist and rallied by my side to make this possible. Everyone was who helped was really appreciated, and I just want to say it again, thanks. Nothing gets the point of a 'Site run by fans and artist' across better, than a booth run by fans and artists. Everything I feel about what went down, Luis already explained in his blog, I just want further state that this is exactly how I feel as well. Seriously. Thanks.
Also The booth looked pretty awesome and here's to hoping for a more impressive one the next time we do this.

Metal gear Collab is looking pretty awesome (pun intended). I sat through a bunch of submissions, and alot of them are actually funny.. Gasp! After my little rest up I finally sat down and finished my collab piece for the collection (I actually have two, but the first one is really just a simple gag).
As you can see from the pic, Fred just caught Snake stealing his Fruity Pebbles. Yes, It is as stupid as it sounds. I say if I added up the hours it took to complete this it would be around 2 and a half days.
so don't expected the hottest animation in the bunch, but you can definitely expect the dumbest. XP

Now that all my little side jobs are out of way, im gearing up to get ready to work on a big NG game with Tom once hes off castlecrashers. This doesnt mean I've forgotten about my Rise of P-bot cartoon. Its definitely coming along. Just a bit more, slowly. I also decided to make a game that coincides with the release of the cartoon, and that's being programmed by Frostedmuffins, the programmer for redbaron. So doing the art for the game and the movie at the same time cause a few hiccups here and there, but it is coming along.

This weekend I saw the new Hulk movie. All I can say is, Shit that was great. Originally I wasn't going to. A lot of bad press and negative hype almost doomed this movie in to a DVD rental for me. Then I realized that what I was doing was exactly the same thing that happens at NG , I was letting the opinions of a few elitists judge for me what is, and is not entertainment. Well fuck that, fuck them! I needed to see how bad this movie was for myself.
And I'm so glad I did.
In a nutshell the Hulk plays out like a mixture of "The Fugitive", "King Kong" and a dash of "American Werewolf in London," for good measure. All of this is interwoven with great dialogue, and at times even better acting. The movie really captures the destitute life of Bruce Banner, and the curse he bares. Something that the show did very well. (While on that subject, fans of the original show will definitely be in for a treat)
There aren't many action scenes, but the ones there are incredibly visceral and violent. The Introduction to each creature was done exceptional well, revealing only bits and pieces of anatomy using a documentary style of filming. Even without these sparse CG scenes the story is still strong enough to keep you interested in the characters. Granted there are a few silly moments towards the end, but if you never had a problem with the ridiculously cheesy microwave gun at the end of "Batman Begins", then you won't even flinch with these. The Hulk model still looks fake, but at least he isn't neon green like the first movie. I still believe if they simply kept the face real and kept the body CG this wouldn't be an issue. It worked great for Mr Hyde, but I'm sure the reasoning is that the far set eyes and monkey like nose of the Hulk is something that is iconic of the character and cant be realistically done with a human face.
either case.
It was excellent and I rank it up there with Ironman.

<Bigger Pic>

BigAppleCon, MGScollab, Rise of Pbot, Hulk.

Posted by MindChamber - May 29th, 2008

We'll be giving these out at the BigAppleCon next week

I think they came out pretty sweet. At first I was a bit put off that they are a tiny bit dark, but I love how rich the colors Look. Its pretty cool to see my art in solid form and on something you can actually hold.

I did get a few gripes about the statement on the card as being a bit pretentious.
"The Most creative Group of Artist, animators, game designers, and musicians on the Web"

I dunno, I think its true, and isn't pretentious at all. maybe if I said "The ONLY Group of..." or " The Most Talented group" or " The most respected" <---LoL

In terms of the sheer amount of creative talent, we are certainly the biggest. And being creative doesn't mean we don't still have room to grow... Y'know?
I think its safe to say we ARE the most creative group on the web, and it really makes me proud.

The BigAppleCon Postcards have arrived.

Posted by MindChamber - May 20th, 2008

With only about two weeks lefts to the BigAppleCon, Ive been hustling getting postcards designed, making Games and Videos list of the the flashes we will be displaying, and trying to come up with new or different Items to have presented at the Con.

Well The First of these just came to the office which was the Embroidered NG tank Patch. Theres just something cool about feeling the stitching of the Actual tank in your hands. On top of that it has an adhesive back so you can pretty much stick it anywhere. Its a nice subtle way to show your NG love.
The 3inch version is great for shoulder patches and backpacks, while the 1.5 inch version would go perfect on a blank cap. more news about the Con as it arrives. Even had some made of my Logo for myself.

In other news, have you guys tried FlashPlayer10 ? Its still in beta but damn is it blazin' I tried out Baron, Newgroundsrumble, and DadnMe, and all the games are superfast now. I have yet to see any real errors aside from some highlighted buttons looking misaligned, check it out.

Embroidered NG Patches!  Word

Posted by MindChamber - April 30th, 2008

.......... Has sadly been delayed. With so many things going on, I just wasn't able to submit it on Pico day.

P-bot felt so bad about the situation that he came by and personally apologized for the delay.

Tom wasn't sad anymore.

/* */

The Rise of P-Bot..........

Posted by MindChamber - April 22nd, 2008

Last weekend Luis, and I went over to the New York Comic con. We had a good time, met a few users and even partied up with Old Time NG submitter Eric Black. One thing Newgrounds never had was a booth at a con all to its own. Eric has been doing the cons for years and states theres a hardcore NG following thats being neglected here on the east coast.

So my question is, if we decided to get a booth at the Big apple Con would any of you go? It would be a good way to meet some newgrounds users without having a mod meet, get some NG merch out there that isn't available in the store yet, play some flash games and just basically chill, without the pressures of running a huge booth.

If it was popular enough , then we would consider returning to the larger Cons that show up,

so basically I would like a show of hands, NG Booth at Apple con and possibly next years comic con?
yay or nay?

/* */

Posted by MindChamber - April 16th, 2008

Sup Fools,

I have a pretty sweet surprise for ya. We decided to give the winners of the Pico Day Contest this year , somethin' extra. Something a little more personal, and if you are a true NG fan a little bit more rewarding as well. On top of all the prizes they already receive, the first , second and third place will also be getting a Pico Day trophy!! These Silver plated Picos come on a mounted stand with Pico Day 2008 and the Winners Name Printed on it! I'm actually pretty jealous of you guys, because I will always be ineligible for one of these .

This brings us to our next big feature. The Video Blogs! The feature is still in beta so if you catch any bugs please let the Rob know. He's the mastermind behind coding the embed function. Now when you write a blog you have the option to include a picture or a video. The feature is very new, so we have a few video sites available for upload. Those are, YouTube, Revver, Vimeo, and GameTrailers.

So as a Test Drive I decided to up load a video rotating around the trophy so you can catch it in all its glorious angles.
This is gonna be the BEST PICO DAY EVER!!! ok time for some tea

/* */

Posted by MindChamber - April 10th, 2008

Im extending the deadline to the little competition I'm throwing in the art forums till the end of the month.

Basically using my bus or train template show me your taggin/bombin' skillz. Just make sure you do the art on a separate layer in flash.
I plan to have the pieces in both the movie and game Im working on. Alot of submissions will get in. Only the first 5 will get a Tshirt of their choice from the NG store , as well as a bunch of stickers. you now have till the end of the month to jump on this.

Bomb Dat Bus