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MindChamber's News

Posted by MindChamber - May 17th, 2010

I'm reposting TingTongers results on the Newgrounds Hiphop Competition. Big Ups to Ting for organizing such a huge competition on NG . I couldnt imagine how much work it would be to keep track of so many users and so many outlets of this competition, but he did it,. lets hope theres more where that came from.

"Listen to the final MC Knock Out battle and leave a review with who you think won it!
NGHH KO4 - Exceptid62190 vs GloineFiodh

Time Trial

1st - LyRikLyNkLyNd/shaggyhaired
2nd - RednWhite/RedMongoose
3rd - iKONiC/GasmasQ

Sample Battle
1st - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /323079
2nd - shaggyhaired
3rd - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /324848

NG Sample Battle
1st - DJ-Delinquent
2nd - CKC2009
3rd - shaggyhaired

Copyfree Battle
1st - Gunner-D
2nd - Cajete
3rd - S-Rock

Battle For Newgrounds
1st - KOA

Art Competition
1st - BizarroJoe
2nd - Osuka
3rd - FortressRubbish

Thank you everyone for your participation, the turn out of this competition has been excellent! It hasn't been perfect, but on the whole I'm quite happy with how this has turned out. So kudos to you, the NG hip hop community, for pulling shit together! Muchos thanks to the participants, judges, and viewers!

This NGHH Competition is going to happen again. I'm not sure when, but you can count on it happening! If you ever have any ideas regarding the next one please don't hesitate to contact me! For now, PEACE NG hip hop folk!

To check out the rest of the submissions click through the links below!

MC Knock Out Tracks
Art Competition
NGHH Competition
NGHH Competition Winners

MC Knock Out Threads: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Final Round"

This years NGHH comp was definitely an incredible success in my eyes, and while the winners went home with some serious bragging rights and their submissions front paged, I can tell you now there will be plans for some other prizes as well for the next one. including one where the final winners of the knockout will get to immortalized in a flash cartoon~ mindchamber

My next Front Page will go into detail about the upcoming "RobotDay" so stay tuned for that.

NGHH Competition Winners


Posted by MindChamber - April 14th, 2010

The end is near for the first ever Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition! We've got four of our MC Knock Out tracks up on the front page and loads of tracks coming in. The art is coming a little bit slower, but that will change quickly.

Newgrounds Hip Hop Art Competition
I have announced prizes for the art competition!! The deadline is this Sunday at midnight NG time!
1st Place: $50 in store credit
2nd Place: $30 in store credit
3rd Place: $20 in store credit

Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2010
The copyright free battle is over, but all other comps have been extended until next Sunday at midnight NG time.

NGHH MC Knock Out Round 2
We started with 20 MC's, and it is now down to 10 battling it out in round 2. To hear the battles from round one Click Here!

Also, check out some of the tracks from the competition so far!

Time Trials - lyrik/shaggy
Battle For Newgrounds - KOA
Sample Battle - GunstarGreene
Newgrounds Sample Battle - DJ-Delinquent
Copyright Free Battle - S-Rock

Btw Prizes for the other competitions havent been finalized, but there will be something up for grabs.

And below is an art submission from Aigis

JEAH!!!!   NG HH  is gettin RAW!!

Posted by MindChamber - April 2nd, 2010

If you haven't heard the hip hop Newgrounds yet you're missing out! tingtonger/Big Red has organized NG's very own competition to showcase the sick talent it has.

Check out the official thread for it here:

NG Hip Hop Competition '10
In here you can find info on the Sample Battle, a hip hop crew Battle for Newgrounds, MC's and producers tag teaming to create tracks in the Time Trial, and more! If you make or dig hip hop music get 'yo ass into that thread!

NGHH MC Knock Out
20 Newgrounds MC's will be pitted against each other in a ferocious battle of tongues. :) Really though, MC's will be given beats to spit venom over and at the end of the day... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

NGHH Art Competition
In the end winning submissions will be showcased in a flash, which will need some gangsta art to make it look less boring. The theme is 80's hip hop, so think maaad bling and Will Smith wearing pink and green!

So, read through the threads, review the tracks submitted, and get yo'self into the competition! Rules are all posted in the threads! There will be prizes in the end and you get cyber-respect from all NG-thugs for even participating!

To promote the contest Newground hip-hop-hap-heepers have been posting freestyles! So listen to the ones already posted, and if you think you can rhyme then drop your own verse to hype the NG competition!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /320189
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /318459
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /320409
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /320845
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /320951
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /321538

Submissions from the first round are already coming in, TingTongs hosting them on his audio page so go there to listen to the lastest submissions. Just look for the "NGHH" Icon on the disk

Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition '10


Posted by MindChamber - March 22nd, 2010

and into the Oven...

Im back on, that on again off again P-Bot cartoon. Even after a terrible crash that took all my background models away, Im finally back on this thing. Shook off some demons , got a better computer and its go time. This will definitely be finished within the next couple of months.

Off the Back Burner..

Posted by MindChamber - March 8th, 2010

I hate this song, and so should you. Thankfully the Greatest American Hero is here to save us from its torturous grasp.

/* */

Posted by MindChamber - January 27th, 2010

So Frosted and I launched our PO3 game along with beatbreaker187.

M-Bot: The Game

It works like a sidescrolling Zaxxon game, and I know most of you werent around for that game but for a shooter it was pretty unique.

First thing you are gonna notice is the filesize for such a small game. This is because we wanted to add in as many filter effects as we could but keep the speed reletivatly the same on most computers. Infact almost everything with a glow,fade, or blur is a PNG.. and png files add up. So the game is pretty huge. But hey its an experiment. Its not something you'll see us do again anytime soon. But we both like how it turned out none the less.

UpDate: Got a really nice review from Mike over at Jayisgames Thanks for the review man!

M-Bot:The game  Loaded, and bloated :)

Posted by MindChamber - December 22nd, 2009

/* */
Big Props to Xamuel7 and his team for translating, as well as remastering Frost'D . Its pretty professional and hilarious.

Oh and Im still compiling that hiphop artist list here

Posted by MindChamber - December 17th, 2009

.........In fact I'm the worst player at the Office.
But I never talk shit.

So dont get all Butthurt losing to me after talking smack over Live. HAHHAHAHA
Enjoy your RageQuit. lololol

Oh yeah, dont forget to link me to your favorite NG hiphop artist for my list here.

I'm not the best Street Fighter player....

Posted by MindChamber - November 20th, 2009

Quite a few people make this claim, some deservingly so, others... Not so much.

Either way, theres a growing community of amazing hiphop artists and Rappers on NG, that simply dont get enough Play. So Im Making a list of who I've heard and think is badass, with the help of DJ Delinquent. The goal is to give them a chance to shine on FP in a site dominated by DrumNBass and Techno.

If you got any favorites on your list and you want me to add them to this list, post them in comments.

**NOTE** Im looking at compiling a list of RAP ARTISTS. That means Im not looking at NG producers at the moment, thats for another list. and if you know a few LINK ME TO ONE OF THEIR SONGS. Dont bitch about how half ass my list is, if you have no intention on helpin'... ANYways.......

Nimbus The General Possibly one of the greatest MCs on Newgrounds. Known for Grimey lyrics and scratchy endless breathless Flow.
GasMasQSick Young MC with no set theme. GasmasQ keeps u geussing between what style he dons between each song.
TingTonger An uncanny MC known for Bright Red Hair and Beard. Ting Tonger is well adapted to sick beats + crazy story teller flowatry
Rymix and Ryder Dynamic Duo of 2 MCs. Fast and Furious environment styled Hip Hop. Expect creepy, original flows and unusual deliveries
Wyze Sting Ray A cat who has a great concience and lives up to the name "Wyze"
War Spawn Veteran of NG and lyrical inclined Genius.
Hells Gaurdian (Burly and Dex) Duo that has massacred every track since apperence on NG. Known for thought developing lyrics
MC MercuryCommercial Rapper with content that Brings 100% energy with his ryhms.

Lejin is a straight up asshole, basically gives everyone in the NG Hiphop community a hardtime.
But the dude is fuckin talented. He Brings new meaning to the term Trolling with Style,and if I ever saw his shit in a record shop I'd be the first to pick it up.


DJ Sess has some great beats, he's a bit too soft spoken for my tastes (no offense) but his lyrics are great.
KillBill just sounds pro, period, Im suprized that I havent heard him on the radio yet.

OBIEakaAO a bit emo, and cant sing lol, but crazy talented

GreenSkullKid , Nuts, hes like Eminem on speed, crazy skill

Exceptid62190, pretty hot, crazy tracks,
CaliberTheButcher is nutz, great dirtysouth vibe, and amazing trax

SteveGuzzi, great lyrics, old school vibe.

RobAkins seems like this dude'll spit on anything, from hiphop to DnB, and still keeps up.

redmongoose, great beats, but when it comes to rappin, he's got more in common with Devo than say 50cent.

WarLab, here's another dude who sounds like he should already be on the radio. NG is just brimmin with hiphop talent.

Vinstigator nice laid back rythms and beats, it bit too mellow for my tastes but definitely something you can vibe off.

BAF very very nice lyrics, coupled with a laid back flow = a must listen

Murdaa Dope Latino Bronx bombin goin on here.

R-avenger yoooooo, dont like the gay anime avatar fool you, this guy is crazy ill, smooth flow, fast and sharp.

Kanvas has a handle on all styles from laid back to dirty south, his battle me dont try to, made me lol

FBIPolux, His raps are in french, and he thinks people don't like it because its in french. I guess hes never listened to reggae. I think it has less to do with it being in french, and more to do with being slightly off Key. Still it isnt a bad listen.

J-Kellz , Fag hands, nuff said haha

/* */
The plan is to get more of these badboys on the front page, and get them some of the props they deserve, So link me to anyone you think is badass, I don't care if they are active here or not, more than likely they left from lack of exposure, and hopefully we can remedy that.

P.S. A big LOL to this pussy, that disses my list but logs off before I can respond:

HylissTellzKO (4:03:44 PM): lol your list is a joke, i love you you add the actual #1 artist to the list to start buzz. bunch of keyboard gangsters with no lives hanging out on ventrillo.

hylisstellzko is offline (4:03:55 PM)

Newgrounds' #1 HipHop Rap Artist?

Posted by MindChamber - October 22nd, 2009

Ben Spurgin (aka Spurginator) has been gracing newgrounds with his creativty for almost a decade now. I loved his over the top flair for the dramatic, as well as the ridiculous, and I rarely found anyone who was able to marry the two so effortlessly.

No matter what medium he worked with,be it film,games, or music, he attacked it with the same Zest and flair that only Ben could do. At times Ben would come to me for advice, but I would always go to him for inspiration, and thankfully I still can through his submissions.

I feel selfish in saying this, but I'm more pissed than sad that he's gone.

We had plans man!!!..I wanted to see both of us grow, compare notes, goof on each other. Whatever. Thankfully he left us his StickSlayer , Power of the Geek, Peeman cartoons to watch, and forever will his work be immortalized on NG, for the old and new flash artists alike.

And to Ben's mom,

well you know how I feel, and that feeling is echoed throughout NG and every upcoming flash artist hes ever inspired.

StickSlayer will live on Forever.