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MindChamber's News

Posted by MindChamber - July 16th, 2017

Game Models

by MindChamber


This Gallery consists of  Game Models Used  mostly for web games as well as some older projects.
Most were created using 3D max or blender.

Left mouse + movement to rotate models
Middle mouse +  movement to pan
Scroll button to zoom


Posted by MindChamber - June 30th, 2017

While I have not lived in New York for sometime, I still try and bring a vibe of the Bronx into every piece of media I create. My designs are often strong and rough, and have a piece of that graffiti culture that has been instilled in me from my early ages. I have a strong love and respect for Ralph Bakshi and all his creations. Besides animation for games, I have also done animated parodies, skits , stopmotion, video and other short story type media.

Email: mindchamber@mindchamber.com


Proficient in:

character animation, 3d game modeling, 3d animation, video editing. character design, storyboarding, scripts writing, skits, and my extensive knowledge of Transformers

I have provided art and animation for music, television, online multimedia, and computer entertainment

My Sprite Reel

2D FVx for games

I did the 2D effects for this game "Cookie Cutter"

WhiteBoard Rough Animation

Sprites and effects


Please explore the content within the site for examples of my work, or click the LinkedIn icon in the Left Contact section for more info. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or for additional information regarding my services.

Prices vary depending a clients set date for deliverables, and the complexity of the animation being provided.

Please provide as much detail about the project when contacting me. 

Want an Idea of what your project might cost before contacting me?

Try Price Guide for a rough estimate

I use PayPal and Stripe for Invoices


Jose Ortiz (aka) MindChamber ™



PM me at newgrounds



(Email for Business Inquiries only)



Posted by MindChamber - June 13th, 2017



by on


I was messing around with the tons of features this site offers and its pretty legit.
Like animation loops for one
(CHange  at the Static Pose Tab) Disregard the old and clanky model, just something to play with. 
I love that the embed feature works so well in posts.  Any Chance we can get the Embed feature in the art section?
Theres alot of great 3d Renders already, but Im sure viewers would love to be able to interact with them.

Posted by MindChamber - April 24th, 2017

I want to just animate for fun, but its getting harder and harder these days.  I feel like if I dont animate anything meaningful, im wasting my time.. Thats something really hard to shake.. so instead of drawing I just played with my toys lol.
fired up dragonframe, to get reaquainted .


4 seconds of animation took over 40 minutes,.. you know how that goes.

Posted by MindChamber - February 29th, 2016

GP - "ForYou" two diferent versions and Blender 3D scene overview by Daniel M. Lara (pepeland)pslVimeo

from on .

So this is Kinda nuts, and has me regretting not making Learning Blender a priority.
The Grease pencil option in Blender was initially to allow animators to make visible notes on their models as well as draw out arcs and such, similar to the old school dope sheet method.
But it seems that the Grease pencil option is way more robust than that, and people are actually using Blender to make 2D animations.
Not bad for a free program.
I only wish Blender wasnt such an uninuitive program for people who have used flash and AE. But for begininers. This 3d , now 2D software just doesnt get any better.

heres a youtube Tut,. to get you started

Posted by MindChamber - November 27th, 2015

Check this Beast out!

A huge Flash Collab with an eclectic cast of awesome animators, actors, musicians,programmers,writers, and artists!
Hats off to @whirlguy and his crew for wrangling this creature into the confines of a single SWF file.
Its awesome to see so many names on that credits list, and it was an honor to be among so many amazing talents


Posted by MindChamber - March 12th, 2014



                 So in honor of being one year closer to that inevitable handshake with our friend Mr. Reaper, I am uploading free to use (public domain) sprites over at opengameart.org  Why wait till we are completely dead to give away our treasures anyway? Youre dead. You can't enjoy the satifaction you get from generousity when you're in the etherealm. So I say birthdays should be for gift giving! Anyways..

                These are the sprites from the old Pixel Puncher Prototype that Tom and I started about a decade ago. Tom was gracious enough to let his creations run free ,so I took a day or two to convert them into png files. I exported them at twice the size just in case anyone needed them bigger. If you dont though, its easy enough to simply run them through photoshop . We both put a lot of love and thought into these sprites so hopefully there will be some appreciative coders out there that will put them into some sweet projects or demos. Heres a longer demo of some of the levels and animation



If you have an NG supporter badge you can actually try the unfinished demo yourself here


                                     There's some pixel art in the video that was placeholder art and will not be part of the download. Its pretty obvious but I thought I'd mention it. While the video just show combat, and a few juggles. I believe Tom wanted a Metroidvania type game where you explored and unlocked more attacks and abilities. Ram (the main player) aquires "Chronic's" run ability which  is shown early on.


Each level would have been a parody of known game characters. The first world based, on Sonic, second Mario and so on.

I also wanted more puzzle elements that involved carefully timing your air combos and grabs. Back then there wasnt any game ideas like it, so it was hard to get a grasp of how we wanted it to play. Fast foward to today, and  games like "Guacamole" and "DustForce" I believe totally captures what we wanted this game to be. You know what they say, hind sight , 20/20 etc.  A shout out to LDUK whos Robotniks Revenge just hit all the right notes for me. It was cool yet oddly bittersweet , which fit the vid. Also I just want to say thanks again, to everyone thats ever dug my stuff and shot me a kind text. It really does mean alot. And thanks Tom for letting our babies fly :3 I have to get up in 4 hours... gnight  

Posted by MindChamber - September 22nd, 2013

Happy Madness Day dudes, some pretty good submissions this year, which were your fav?
Sadly I have nothing to upload this year, but Im not giving up on my Old Madness divinity short just yet.
I want this submission to be twice as sketchy as Minds madness but to have twice the animation. after countless crashes and freezes, I thought there was alight at the end of the tunnel when Flash CC was released. Unfortunately its actually even buggier than Cs6, and now it even crashes my wacom driver. So Ive given up on flash completely. (well except for maybe making sprites) and have been putting my rainy day money towards my purchase of TVpaint. The price is a bit hefty, but the new 64bit version runs like a dream, and the raster based format means I can draw as sketchy and as messy as I want to without the worry of it blowing up due to useless vector computation. I still have another 1300 to go, but I have a feeling it will be worth it

In the meantime enjoy this really quick Attack animation of the MagHank model I made a few years back. This is the same model and pose I used for the MagHank image in my Art page

Happy Madness Day

Posted by MindChamber - May 29th, 2013

Theres this sweet little animation software that's free now, and ya'll should try it.

Its raster based so it really feels like you're animating papertests.
Ive been using it to sketch out really rough animation ideas, then importing it into flash.. I think its awesome. It isnt as deep as Tvpaint, but its a good midlevel point for smaller stuff.



Posted by MindChamber - February 14th, 2013

ZimDragonLord! Has sent me a really cool comic
"More Than Mortal"

I haven't heard of this comic, but I'm a huge fan of Image, so I can't wait to read it.

Thanks for the V-Day gift Bro! No-Homo!

I was gonna have a V-day cartoon for you guys, but meh, shit didnt align, (Stamper got busy, so no voice actor :/)
So I was bummed, but the comic cheered me up!
thanks again!

PS.Bakshi is pushing his kickstarter hard, dont let this flop!

PPS I also interviewed I-Smel

Thanks! Zimdragonlord!!