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this was great

great little stories and challenging puzzles

SpikeVallentine responds:

Yayyy!! Thank you for your appreciation! Glory to God. :)


Solid mechanics,
Great ArtWork,

shitty voicework haha sorry bug.

I liked it, it couldve definitely used more variety and maybe a little invincibility after coming out of a death, as it was a tad unfair.

bad time to release this.

Miami Shark basically takes this same concept and blows it out of the water.

Skeik responds:

Yeah, we released it earlier then Miami Shark because we knew people would make comparisons to it. It's pretty disheartening, the same thing happened with Scoregamites and BFF. We would be even worse off if we decided to wait a week or two. Honestly they're two very different games that just happen to have sharks in them.

By far

one of your most hilarious games to date.

Wiesi responds:

thanks!! :)

fun game

The play on sonic battles was sweet, art was cool. The spin attack was pretty brain dead though, would've preferred if I had a chose to get out of it or not. Maybe a a timed hit window would've been better, maybe not as small as Pink Knights but definitely not to the point where you're stuck in it.

that last gauntlet is fuckin' cheap. hard to expect precise jumping when the screen is shaking all over the place. would've been nice to award the player maybe an extra life for finishing the boss in a certain time, so they could use it at the gauntlet. As it stands I breeze through the boss only to get tripped up at the guantlet.

definitely alot of fun

and you captured Dadnme's vibe perfectly/.

I cant lie

I went in totally prepared to hate this game, ( the slash enemies left and right is getting pretty tired by now) But ended up liking all its charms.

at first nothing seems to matter, (jumping when theres nothing to jump over, blocking when the enemies barely attack etc) but as the enemies get tougher every move comes into play.

granted it would've been nice with some kind of meaningful level design, but the characters oozed charm, and the leveling up became addictive towards the end.

this game has potential

definitely captured a lot of the Naruto game mechanics from the PS2. still not as smooth or intuitive, but you were getting there.

you probably could've just asked sprite work from NG artist and split the rev share instead of paying upfront from sprites.

The gameplay is played out

But thanking the Artstyle and upgrading system gives this genre a swift kick in the pants.


nice homage to CC.

Like the amount of detail that went into the backgrounds and the length of the game in total is pretty beefy. The animations however are downright painful. If it wasn't for the fact that you copied all the gameplay elements from CC from head to toe, I would've lost interest long ago. Considering that your rise to king/knight games were basically broken gameplaywise, I really can't give you props for gameplay, since you emulated CC.

I know its nice to keep all that sponsor money to yourself, but sometimes for the sake of the game you should bite the bullet and bring on a real animator.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you like it!

I am a real animator, maybe not a good one, but I'm real :)
I love doing animation even though I'm not that good at it...

I don't think I copied CC from head to toe. There are many games just like it out there, so I think I'm just in the same genre. There was a lot of similar stuff in this game than CC, because I love CC to bits and this is a tribute :)

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