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More of the good stuff!

Great fun.!
cool graphics and animation!

Love the unlockables!

has anyone got everyone yet???

Loved this game!!

Im a big combo man type of player.
So it was alot of fun juggling the characters.

very quick and responsive game. loads of style cant wait for more!

my only gripe was the jump button being on the space bar.

the space bar isn't as responsive as the Keys.

A,S,D wouldve been a better set up.

great work guys!


Best Jewtertainment in a long while!!

Better than Munich thats for sure haha.

Very Awesome fighter!

I think you have the basis of a very awesome fighting engine!!

its very solid, and I thought the game was alot of fun. I only have a few minor complaints, and some bugs to report.

A couple of times I jumped over the opponent, and my character didn't turn around, I was stuck facing the wrong direction taking hits, till I jumped back. some times after the jump attack, the elf would get stuck mid air, and I was able to land alot of cheap shots this way.

aside from the elf who was already fairly quick.
the fast and fierce attacks weren't varied in enough... throwing a quick punch shouldnt take the same amount of time as throwing a fierce one. Aside from the Elf I wasn't able to let off a flurry of quick attacks, and end it with a fierce one. It would also help of the attacks were more visually different as well. as from that, the attacks needed more of an overal reach as well.

All in all a great fighting flash game. Closest so far to the arcades!!
keep it up!!

gavD responds:

Thanks for the heads up on the mid air bug... Nice review!

The definition of Fun!

Such a simple concept! Yet so much fun!!
its a great quick pick up game, yet can get really addictive if you love reflex games!

great job

Pure Genious!

You just know how to make fun games.

cant say I liked it.

Shooting one ship over and over until you finally smash into it, isn't my idea of fun..

Hahah yeah baby!

Fish is an Old Schooler at heart just like me!. Which is why I love this game. It plays on your nostalgic chord, while delivering new gameplay elements with the older crowd in mind.

I love this game and everything it represents!!

Thumbs up baby!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

and it runs on b33r wich is 80% more efficient than fossile fuels.


not bad

i found it funny, that you had to jump up to hit the information box, in order to know that you needed to "use space to Jump" haha

you cant die, lives go into negative.

the jump move doesnt always work.. and in some cases "the dark level"
it actually brings enemies back.

also the muisc should stop when play the "death music"
and you shouldnt be able to hold down jump, and "keep jumping"

Its a great Start.

Art Wise I thought it was cool, even tho the stance animation does not work.. aside from that I like the SHadowhedghog slide you gave him in his walk animation..
I liked all the moves , but thought they didn't transition well enough. tapping one button had the character launching into the air and doing all sorts of moves that didnt hit the enemy.. you should have more direct input for those types of moves, and simply give the player better -chainable- attacks. and allow the player the choice to launch the enemy if he wants..

aside from that the rest is great.. the launched grappling blade move was good to, reminded me of my Alloy game :)

keep up the good work can wait to see more..

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