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Im a huge Virtua Cop/House of the dead fan, and you really nailed it there!!!

excellent work.. tons of fun!

hahah yeah

well polished lil game thats lots of fun!!

we need more!

very smart design

Very intuitive and fresh, great job.


have to login for a damn game that isnt that great to begin with.

Amorbot is a mochibot rippoff, and Im disgusted.

the game looks fun

the the layout, control, and jumping sucks to no end.

and the amount of times you need to destroy a column is retarded.

sitting there shooting a fireball 20 times into some pillar does not constitute as fun..

Not orginal

It's a rippoff of "peaceplane" by Dan paladin.

Its apearance, design and execution..

Buzzwerd responds:

Everyone kept saying that the art is very similar to that of Dan Paladins. But I don't see how it's design and execution are a rip off. You are a flying toaster that shoots rainbow lasers at tumors, that fly by in a japanese-like scrolling background. I honestly can't think of how much more original we can get...


great lil flash game.

I loved the animation and the style.

Some of the puzzles were really obscure and retarded and had no revelence. though, Im sure thats what you are constituting as tuff.

for the most part the animation kept me interested enough to keep going.

The interface and coding was nicely done. Being that you can barely code a reply button to save your ass I'm curious as to why Negative wasn't co-auth'd.

SURELY you can't be that much of a piece of shit Credit WHore, that you can't see youself sharing the spotlight? Pleeeease I doubt you had the dignity to evernpay the guy for his efforts,so the least you can do is show your support of his codework by giving him co-auth.

I have much respect for you and your work.. But theres already to many bigname faggot creditwhores on newgrounds as it is...

Please don't be one of them..

keep up the amazing flash work.

great Job!

defintely a worthy remake. my only complaint was that pico was kinda slow.
and it wouldve helped if he could strafe.

Aside from that, its a great flash and was alotta fun

This shouldnt have been submitted as a game.

This was hardly a game.

they art was great, the story was as lame as it gets, but the designs were what kept me interested.

as a "game" tho it fails miserably, and shouldnt have gotten front page. as a movie it wouldve been seen as more innovative as an "interactive comic"

but a game it wasn't.

Incredibly engaging.

This flash game had me in a trance from start to finish.

Very Strong sense of atmosphere, and ambiance.

there’s no question that you were heavily influenced by Panzer Dragoon.
The music, and setting and Monster designs are very reminiscent of Panzer Zwei , but the similarities end there, as the health and fire system was incredibly unique, and dare I say even more interactive than the Panzer series it was inspired from.
I love what you have done here, and this Latest in the Nimian series is a culmination of all the hard work, and experiences from the first versions.
There’s no doubt this is a console game in a flash format here.

My only complaint is the lack of levels that lead up to the bosses, and small glitches visible in the art. BUT hey this IS flash after all.

My only wish is that you get recognized by SEGA, and that they may bring you on, to consult on their Next Panzer game.

Because you have some truly unique and inventive ideas.


popopt responds:

thanks MindChamber for mentioning the other Nimian games - I couldn't have done this without building on what I learned from the previous games, and the next one will benefit from what I learned in this game and all of these reviews!

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