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great work.

this was awesome.
codewise this feels like the tightest mechanics yet.. congrates Bom..

Luis your sprites are amazing, you've come a long way dude.

everyone else great work.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks MC, those compliments mean a lot coming from you, just because you know your stuff. Oh, and you're usually so grumpy. :P


Gotta love That Dan.. Always two steps behind... first bitting our ads now I our direct store links.. So bad the store is worthless and doesnt actually Link to mechandise that pertains to the flash its linked from, but hey.. he's tryin. hehe.. I wish my job was as easy as Dan's,, Logging on to NG and staring at every new feature we implement must be tiring on the eyes.

as for the game.. I liked it alot.. nice effects great designs and best of all NO LAG!!.
I know I hated your edward game, but this is an improvement in leaps and bounds... good work.

Buzzwerd responds:

David tells me he PM'ed you, but I feel like responding anyways.
I'm gonna go ahead and ignore the bit about Dan, despite my empathy, cause I'm pretty sure David wouldn't be happy with me expressing my views since in a way we're both parts of a two headed dragon.

So thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked the game. And I'm happy it didn't lag for you, though sadly I'm pretty sure that's not the case for everyone. Its nice to get a review from an artist I truly respect, and its even better when the review is positive. Thanks a lot, I'll see you at comic con.



one of the most ingenious flash games in a long TIME!!... totally awesome.

the game takes the service games of late and turns it on its ass.. I love the fact that you can play this game as simply or as complex as you want.. variable difficulty is very hard to do, and mostly are lefts to the pros at Nintendo, but you nailed it... the physics are great, the art work is perfect. the presentation is excellent..

Major companies of casual games could learn a thing or two from you.

Infact we should all email a link to playfirst with this game before they shit out another DinerDash clone..


JohnnySedona responds:

Fucking MindChamber. Red Baron is one of my all-time favorite flash games, so your review really means a lot to me. I just sent my resume over to PlayFirst- maybe they'll go for it.

Sorry but.

Even with all the explanations made. Theres just something wrong about having to sign up to an outside site to play a newgrounds game with a newgrounds layout, and newgrounds artwork.

Even Host, as ugly and shallow as that game was ,it still at least allowed you to log on without saving features for some quickplay.
Speaking of the art, I figured you would be referencing the art not simply posting it in game as is. Since the art on the cards aren't original works for the game its a mishmash of styles that give the game a cheap feel. whats worse, no special thanks to each creator or links to their pages.. just something to show this game actually respects newgrounds, and isnt just banking on it..
I loved your UnrealFlash.. but this.. game is just too blatant in its intentions

Rustygames responds:

Thanks for the review.

Seriously, if someone gives me a better idea on how to store the account data then I really will do it. But registration is required to play, otherwise there would be no progression in the game, rendering it quite boring.

As for your comment about "mishmash of styles that give the game a cheap feel". The game is a Newgrounds game. Newgrounds is a "mishmash" and this game is true to that. "Everything by Everyone" remember?

I think you're right about thanking each author, I will add that to the credits section. The reason I was reserved about doing this was because some cartoons and games origional author's are hard to determin. But I'll do my best.

I think you've missed the point. This game was a tribute to Newgrounds. I could have made a pure tribute to Final Fantasy , but I dedicated it to Newgrounds. I don't think attacking that is very fair of you at all.

amazing visuals.

not a fan of the guessing game, but I have a short attention span :P
I was memerized by the visuals though, which were amazing. great work.

Haha for some reason,. I was hoping mastermind would say.. "Cmon....hit me..... with your shot..."
"fire away"..

Idk, why but I wouldve found that funny :-p.

showing my age I guess.

anyways great work guys.

The-Swain responds:

I'll have to let your obsession with Pat Benatar slide just this one time :O

haha awesome

great effect with the face, and smooth controls made this simple game alot of fun to play.

great engine

smooth and responsive and a rock steady framefrate.

good to you see you release something.

SESSNET responds:

Thanks Jose!


Tom Fulp is a very happy person

N5 responds:

everyone loves tom fulp!

That actually wasn't bad.

For the most part that was entertaining.
Nice to see you put your skills towards something constructive for a change.

good work,

ViolentAJ responds:

Heh. Thanks.

I have much to improve upon though.


"Coil is an experimental flash game with no instruction or clear direction.
Please keep an open mind while playing."

I'm sure thats what developer Titus said when creating Superman64.

The first rule of game play is that game play has rules..

Simple functions like "Player Feedback" , "set objectives" "responsive controls"

are still required to even consider this a game.

Fun cant be ignored for the sake of "Art"

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