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no effort at all.

I've made like, 4 games like this that play exactly the same with different sponsors.

The only effort visible was the new art by Eric Blak which you didnt even bother to Co-auth.

disgusting display of a making a quick buck.

ericblak responds:

He is co auhtored -_-"

You said

"I've made like, 4 games like this that play exactly the same with different sponsors."

seems like your the one who made a disguesting display of making a quick buck.

Nice shit review pal.

or was it a joke review. I can't tell.

very cool puzzle game

This game is well done, very engaging.

my only gripe is the visuals and sound.

Im sure more could have been done to make this look like a tree of some sort, I know it says sticks and rings but you mentioned this tree game in the art forum so I expected to see trees.

and the sounds make no sense, Sound of crackling wood wouldve worked better than the sound of moaning whales, or whatever it is you have there.

great game, just weak presentation.

Komix responds:

Thanks :)

Sorry, for creating these expectations. I just made that tree with that engine, but it wasn't planned to be like that in game.

This game is simplistic, and so are the trees. This is the new style I ve been trying. And I like how it looks. :)

Also, I like the sounds, cause they re unique. Cracking wood would never have that recognition effect.

smartest piece of work ever

seriously a nice piece of work I listen to the audio portal all day and you just made it easier.

Slow and Painful

yes 3D engine. yay..

but after you stopped being amazed by the engine, you're bored to tears by the gameplay..

Komix responds:

yeah, I should ve spent more time on it I guess.

I did those physical sleds, and then realized that I am not able to use them for an interesting gameplay.

but I had to finish it off for the AG contest.

Sorry for the bad show.


you nailed it!

this is a great fighting game.. The fact that its in flash just makes it even more amazing.

the fighting mechanics, parry system, was all top notch. The character creator was just icing on the cake.
you made a really fun and addictive fight.

I think once you iron out the collision and framerate issues, you will have the best fighter here on NG..

I wouldn't be suprized if I see console games take que from some of your ideas here..
If I do see that happening at least I'll know where they came from!

keep up the great work.

awesome Halloween game

I thought this game was alot of fun.

great graphics and an awesome premise.

my only gripe was maybe picking up the pace alil.

aside from that



the controls where a chore. graphics.. ehh.

but the music was nice.

love the game

very smart little game, very addictive.

the one only gripe is not being able to unselect a bug once you see a better option. you should give people this option as it will make the game much more balanced

PhobiK responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!... Unselecting could be good, I didn't think about it, but maybe not being able to do it is part of making the right choice. Thanks for the review!

This is the reason why I chose you for Red Baron!

I cant believe I forgot to give this fun-ass game a review!

I loved it from the moment Tyler linked it to me.

definitly a fun lil jewel of a game

keep them comin!

FrostedMuffins responds:

Thank God I made this game then....
Thanks for the kind words :)


I thought the "score a date " button was just a clever start button.

but no.. its advice on how to score checks by nerds who make games pretending to score chicks.

that made my day.

EviLudy responds:

Haha! Good thing I have the "ArmorGames made me do it" excuse, isn't it?

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