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Its sad actually.

thats like, my whole life right there, in under 7 megs.. :(

awesome game...

this has loads of potential.

Just the simple fact that the jumping mechanic is dead on to the original mario, should show you this game has potential.

Unlike most flash games, that keep jumping when you hold down the button. this game acts just like its real life counter part.
so Im impressed with this so far. and cant wait to see the finished version.


Niiice JOB!!

Great Job!! I loved the Fist Picos Cousin game and this one out did it in leeps and bounds!! The gameplay is much tougher and and engine is complimented by poxpowers great art!!

Way to go guys!

Magna responds:

Thanks man! It was all worth it.

I loved the sprites

the sprites were awesome..

But this was just a reskinned version of the sadam game. with nothing new added.

This is an amazing gadget!!

Simply the best coded physics I've ever seen in flash..

Hell even the showeds were Dynamic!!

truely Impressive.

Awesome Work.

Great Art and Awesome scripting..

great work guys.

Not bad.

The graphics where cool and the animation was nicely done.
The character should've attacked much faster. His moves were responsive enough. It was also as if he attacked when you released the button, instead of when initially hit it. This would be as big of a deal if the enemies did attack you faster than you did, but they do. Also the extra buttons where useless unless being put in a combo. Each button should've had it own attack, when not used in a sequence.
not to mention A,S,D,E,W is way too many buttons for such simple combos. All of the combos you make should have just been put in the first two.
Anyway. that my cents.
Glad to see you decided to share the credits with your animator ^_^

An Awesome "Fish" Styled Spin on a Classic game.

Awesome work as always.
The degree of turning, power ups , and multiplay really makes this a game more unique than any snake game before it.

congrats man

Nice Job Eric..

Love the art, and options.
and all the music Brings back memories of the Dvd..
In fact, Im gonna pop it on now:)

Keep up the great work man


Miniclip sux

much like this game..

you didnt improve it one bit..

and the jumping has no weight..

pure commercialized craptastic goodness

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