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You are one extremely Gifted Person

Your Flash skillz are extrodinary!!! This was an amazing piece of work..Very Powerful!!..

I commend you on you skills as a grahic artist,as a game programmer,as a animator,as a 3d animator,as a director..The list seems endless.....wow...The world has big plans for you........thank you for sharing your gift with us..


Bringing back the old days!!

I love this game!!! It just brings back that cool nostalgia feeling I used to get when I played these awhile back:)

Dude I'm Hooked!!!

i just can't get past those damn spittin sewer zombies!!!

Once again this kicks ass all around!!


Hey! I had a lot of fun here!!! I thought it was pretty good!! and you have a good ear for some kick ass music!!!

I have a suggestion. I notice you asked for higher votes so you could make more levels.
And I also noticed that you have like a dozen "one level only shooters!! So Why don't you take all your shooters and make One EVERCHANGING MULTI-LEVEL BLOWING SHOOTEM FEST!!!! Just make sure you center it under one character!! it would be killer!!

Ortizanimat ionZ


You dear boy have skillz!
your style is great
animation is on point
Highly addictive game interaction
I did feel you have to work on the game play abit(controls aren't natural,as well the jery movements allow for alot of cheap shots from tom,resulting in the player doing the same)
nothing a little tweaking wouldn't fix.
For the record this is my scrore"Your Score :15110"

keep up the great work


Absolute Killer!!

I love this! Another reason Why "Mission Implausable" is tops on my list!
Keep it up!


I loved this!! if this is a parody of street life then its very well done!!!!!
boy that kingpin wav stuff is spreading thick!


now listen up

This game was really really good. your choice of music was up there. Also your staging and timing was really good too. So this is my suggestion,"get an artist to help YOU!!!" I'm saying this not to be insulting, but you need to know where your talents lie, and so far i see its from the programming aspect.
If you had an artist to help you then you could worry on how to better tweak the game.
in my opinion, in a shooting game , a target should have three animations, the moving around, the attack and the death. targets shouldn't simply dissapear when you shoot them.
These are just my suggestions.
keep up the good work

Welcome Aboard Johnny

This one's cute as hell. I love the metallic echo the cow makes when he falls into the machine. I can't wait to see more!!

Ortizanima tionZ

Pure Shit

interesting How you wrote almost an "essay" on how the flash short "puppymunch" was so lame. But judging by the last few games I checked out by you , it seems you took more time bashing the puppymunch animation, than you did working on all your flash games put together. First off the puppymunch was not a game that's why it was in the strangeshorts section, Second the fact that puppymunch had "tell target function" in the animation, does not constitute it as having "code".And the fact the you EVEN CONSIDERED IT AS CODE, leaves everyone to believe that you have no programing skills whatsoever. In fact its evident in those vectorized piles of shit that you call "flash games." So my suggestion is this, if your going to critize an animation, make the fuck sure you know what your talking about. otherwise your comments will be regarded as nothing more than a sniveling little talentless bitch crying out for attention in a world that will not hesitate to you that you suck......
little prick...............

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