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fuckin A

I maxed out everything and still couldnt figure out how to kill that damn ninja

way too addicting for its own good

great friggin game

very addictive. reminds me of pitfall harry but with an ending haa I will be coming back to this soon

really fun game

definitely a nice homage to metroid and other similar adventure games. Kinda wished there was a more interesting end boss but it was still fun while it lasted.

Amazing visuals and animation.

the game itself was fun for the most part, alittle punishing at times.

I couple of things i think would make it feel less so is possibly making anything your character stands behind transparent. Its kinda hard to tell if there's a space behind a rock to drill to if you cant see it. That and make the hit boxes on the rocks much bigger. I would've also liked if i had a choice to start the level from where i died. having all the rocks reset after a kill was definitely frustrating. As for the first Boss, why not allow the player to move head? I know you want to keep the intensity up, but It would've been nice to get some breathing room in case i made a wrong turn. Infact that wouldve made it more intense. after i made a wrong turn, i just stopped moving, because i know i lost.
Either way once you memorize the boss level its no longer a challenge anyway so why not give players that breathing room to make it less frustrating.?

overall I liked the game, your animations are wonderful to watch and improved considerably.

Toonimated responds:

Thanks for the review... it seems indeed we need more learning in videogame production! Most complaints are about the difficulty and not understanding the character's position/view. Well thanks and always eager for your feedback!

same glitch

I was spazzin out between two gates and she feel right though. after that it kept running thru all the levels till the end.

on a side note the art great, really nice atmosphere . great little details like the panels lighting up etc. Not sure about that run cycle though. time to go look at some women Luis.




whats going on, Im so out of touch :3

such a meaty game

while the gamestyle has been done, the effor put into this game is amazing, alot of great art and a solid engine

its like closure

minus the creative puzzle elements.

lol sounds boards

what year is this? 2001?

I love how you have ads on this. Banking off of weeks of work, and thousands in production.


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You'll never accept me =[

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