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fun game man

The set up reminded me of Picos school.
The dialogue was all very well done and that walk cycle if fucking hilarious.

Everyone did a great job!

pox's pixel art just keeps getting ..

better and better.

well done everybody, fun lil defense game.

really loved the look and sound of this.

great lil exploring game, one that I will go back to more than once.

very nostalgic vibe. really nailed the look of the first gameboy. brings back memories of hiding in my room playing my gameboy. (wasn't supposed to buy one lol)

great looking game.

But the game play isn't hard, its unfair.

you cant have zombies that take so many bullets with limited ammo.

also the melee attack is almost completely useless as the zombies don't stumble back enough for it to be safe. the katana has too much wind up time, making it more useless than the bat. The flamethrower's hitbox is too far out in front of the stream to make it worth using. I can go on for ever.

you should have beta tested this.

its cute

but its missing way to many features to be actually useful.

I would suggest taking a look at poderodunk's NG radio desktop as the gadget to top, when doing NGAPs.

its a good start though.

MCarsten responds:

Wow thanks for the review MindChamber!! :D
Yeah the problem is I think that PoderOdunk used AS3, I coded the entire Ng Portal Radio engine with AS2. Really would be cool show genre, author and put a list like his one still the language is another and I don't know how code AS3. Thanks again for review!!!!

Good shit man!

that was great, really fun racer, love all the little nuances,
you guys did a great job

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks buddy! Glad you liked it :D Why weren't you in toronto? ...me so sad!

insanely addictive and well done

the game definitely is a lot of fun,
the levels are also very well thought out, awarding you with free for all levels after having to do the more strategic levels that required more patience.

definitely a keeper, and going to my favorites.

this was actually pretty fun.

nice test of the someones typing skills that for sure.

only part that sucks is you don't get to enjoy the poses from the characters.
it would be cool if once you completed a character the photos were laid out in between levels.

imjeffhip responds:

oh i like that, i'll see if i can add it

really fun game

easily one of your best games, smooth solid engine and gameplay.


I like how the jeeps nibble at my buthole

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