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This is absolute bonkers.. The number of cameos and area attacks alone deserve some attention
but man, is this game satisfying..
the combat upgrades really fit the style of each character, and shit you even added some bananas lookin' 'locoCycle' attacks to Alloys Bike mode, I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!..

The Area of Effect for targeting with ranged weapons was really clever, bravo

And That Red Baron Boss? OMG,, so evil so perfect. his Ultra is sexy as hell.

the impact hits are crunchy and satisfying, the HuD are sharp, the fuckin music is a wonderful sensory overload of 90s vibe.. Oh and controller support,? God Bless you
Sorry for the stream of consciousness review, Im just really diggin' this game
I plan to come back and get ALL those Medals, you best Believe

Spagato responds:

I'm so glad you like it!

That Red Baron special move alone took months to make. I'm glad the grind was worth making that.

KeithGarces responds:

We used to play ALLL of your games growing up. Your crazy expressive traditional animation was a big inspiration for why I'm an animator today so I'm glad you are enjoying our interpretation of Alloy! Red Baron felt like a must in our eyes. The production value in that game is insane.

Good luck on that grind!

super clever way to introduce programming to non programmers, very cool and fun

that was wild, addictive too, nice work

kick ass game, Its like MasterBlaster on steroids!

love the style and presentation. Looks like its over my head though ... maybe start with simpler puzzles so people understand the interface first?

Nothing is explained,. . you need to have pop up tutorials
That tell the player what each item is.. Similar to any program out on the market, if you hover the mouse over an icon or image it should explain what it does..

the instructions in child format is cute but very frustrating for someone who has no idea what is going on.

How about you make a video sovling a few of the puzzles?

crow-seeds responds:

The first level is simple though, don’t think I can make it simpler unless I put the output directly next to the input. Is there a specific part of the manual that you’re confused on? I’ll try making changes to the manual to make it easier.

It’s not for everyone haha, it’s a game that would appeal more to a robot than a human since it’s essentially writing machine code (real life robot language). Try experimenting or reading the manual some more! The first level can be done in 2 lines of code!

Edit: If you hover over the instructions, it tells you in English what they do! I'll make a video too solving the first level, got some pretty cool ideas on that haha.

Sharp! Awesome classic FF gameplay and great designs on those bots!

Amazing work, man, super smooth and polished..Tough! and wished it had controller support

Yword responds:

Thank you so much for playing! :)
(Actually it supports controller, and the keyboard control can be configured in title screen options too.)

great work and really solid too

nicely done, and a really cool way to showcase peoples work

great throwback to one of my favorite arcades from back in the day.!

PizzaKiddo responds:

Thanks so much for playing!🙏

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