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allow ruffle in your options for games

SuperMagro2020 responds:

ok thx for comment

great game, really Slick and polished too

BoMToons responds:

Thanks MC, means a lot, of course, coming from you <3

the sound of missing is oddly more satisfying than the sound of hitting on target.

Hahahahaha.... Yes

incredibly stylish n sexy great job

Huge Sonic FanBoi, and this had me smiling from ear to ear the whole time, loved it all, the goofy humor the amazing music the pastel Knuckles Chaotix backgrounds.. my only suggestion is to maybe add the shield ability to the attack ability maybe (like down and attack= shield, or maybe on the double ju,p like cuphead) 3 buttons for all this fast action feels a bit too much.

keep up the great work.

awesome game, really polished controls and great pixel art.

fun game!. love the music and chill vibe..
Couldn't get to the moon no matter how many times I tried to come in slow.. Its a bit too close to the border i feel.. . The blue arrow pretty much didn't change direction until i was almost past it, which feels a lil too late.. perhaps a subtle line of trajectory in the background?
Also the tutorials don't mention the thruster controls anywhere. the last test in flight school can be passed by just hopping.

an abort button when you spin out of control would be nice too

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! The moon landing is tricky I agree! The blue arrow's angle is determined by the angle between the ship and the moon, which is straight up for most of the journey. I'm planning on adding a distance indicator though! Good catch on the tutorial, I'll add a note about the left and right thrusters :) The abort button idea is pretty interesting, I'll probably add that feature if I take the plunge and add custom ship building in an update or sequel, thanks for the suggestion! Maybe for now the little window guy could eject and parachute down xD

Thanks again for your feedback, it was very informative!

badass lil puzzle game with some devilish mechanics. really quite enjoyed this

That was a Blast..
the simple controls and mechanics really are deceptively deep and smooth..
Love the aesthetic, ClayFigher design with that lovely chromatic effect..
Please post some of the figures in the art portal I wanna see them closer.
I didn't use the controller until the Boss, but it really just icing to an already fun game.


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