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being a big Tesla fan..

I knew I had to try this, and thankfully it doesnt disappoint.

very fun game, love all the upgrades,

fun concept and really cool art.

Ill try it again sometime,

but at this point I am so mega annoyed with the soundcave that I just want to focus on the good parts, click my rating, then talk about that sound cave.
great art, and most importantly great atmosphere. the interaction hub above everyone was nice and slick. really liked the evolve elements and the story was shaping up to be really cool.

Now for that sound cave. Firstly I had no idea i was supposed to follow the volume of the music to find my way out. I only found that out after reading some reviews. the guy says "WHats that NOISE" not whats that music.. or wow thats a beautiful flute.. you know something that made sense. So I raise my volume.. and unfortunately, her foots steps were so loud they made a crackling sound in my speakers. I thought i was to walk around and find a change in her footsteps.
ugh.. then theres the choice of music. Its a flute (or whatever) playing highs and lows, and stopping.. its not a continuous stream of music, its hard tell if its fading away or if the music is echoing. wrong choice for a sound puzzle.

it should've been a continuous piece of music. that you can definitely follow and know when its rising or lowering as you walked.
to take that one step further, make it layered. so when you were heading in the right direction, the song would add a new instrument to the song.

overall this was an amazing feat for just 3 days of work. and I really want to like it more than I do now, but that sound cave was just pure bullshit.

this game should be alot higher

its very well done

excellent presentation and atmosphere

3D-xelu responds:

wow thanks :D

ur game was amazing too.. really enjoyed it :D

nice work

the art was great

and the pixel levels were evil haha

Ab9003 responds:

WE'RE NOT WORTHY *Bows Down*. Haha, big fan of your work sir! Thanks for checking out our game and happy to have such a classy gentlemen as a fellow member of this little Game Jam.

haha that was a blast!

Fun and addictive game will some great art. and style.

coding was tops. Im stuck on that level 10 jump but Ill be trying again soon

Joelasticot responds:

Hey, thanks man. I know the jumping could be a bit better but I'm glad it didn't affect your experience


one of the most exciting games Ive played on NG in a long time,

really excellent, fun and engaging, I need to go back and play the previous games!

nice work

its definitely more fun to play, and the artwork is a huge upgrade, figuring out which weapon does what to who is fun and satisfying. I definitely like having the ability to use four weapons on the fly. Im really glad you stuck that.

I do miss extra hits you could give with your tail though. definitely should bring that back for the next game.

If you decide to add that combo system I mentioned it could make the game even more rewarding.

great work

really fun and addicting game

Though that floating mask can be some serious bullshit, especially how he can fly behind the ship and you lose sight of him.

even worse when hes chasing you before the boss while you have to follow a path and he forms right in front of you. aside from that this was a lot of fun and well put together.

anyone else make bulletbill dance when he reached the goal? (making little circles to the music :3

fun game

but I agree with others here, you should probably have en epilepsy warning for that last stage

more braindead facebook nonsense

Its pretty,
but its just more dumb facebook game grinding...

whatever it makes money, so I guess thats the point.

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