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MindChamber's News

Posted by MindChamber - July 18th, 2007

Well Dudes.

its what it is, thats all I can really say.. Any casual movie goer that knows Micheal Bay Knows what they were in for. A cheezy Popcorn Flick. They expected as much, and thats what they what they got.

The Story has been rewritten(read: bastardized) for the new generation.
The "Allspark" a special cube that gives life to all transformers and has ravaged Cybertron in a war for years was sent to earth to avoid decepticon control.
Megatron, chases after it. and gets himself frozen in ice for many years.
The location of this cube was itched into Sam Witwickys Great grandfathers glasses.
Which is how Sam become important. So the Autobots attempt to approach Sam for the glasses, while the Decepticons have been infiltrating the military to find the location of the Cube and megatron

The movie is Wall to wall action, a lot robots crunching and scraping. Amazing cinematography, a lot of yelling, and HUGE Potholes.

Secondly the transformers, while a bit convoluted, are incredible to look at. No question the designs are still ugly, but the way their pieces catches light in the scenery is something to be amazed at. Guaranteed the first time Optimus transforms, it will bring a chill to your spine.
Its also one huge 2 hour commercial, with products and cars getting shoved in your face at neck breaking speeds, but we've becoming accustomed to that.

I still found there absolutely no reason to redesign the characters. It was purely personal choice on those involved. Heres why
The Transformers exhibit no mechanical movement,Thus the need to expose so many internal parts was not only unnecessary, it countered the way they moved.They are as over animated as your average Pixar movie. (they even use Frenzy as gremlin sounding, Goofy sidekick)They mass shift. The density between Robot and car is very obvious. (as well as other things) The Fact that they yell and speak English is interesting, and yet out of place. The action is intense, and confusing. The fighting is dramatic, the one liners are totally clich├ęd....hey... sound familiar?
Well it SHOULD, Its an episode of any transformers you've seen before.
Thats right, If you are a purist you will hard pressed to not like this movie if you just see it for what it is, a Two hour episode of the 80s transformers.

Problem with us purists, is that we expected more, and to be honest that has nothing to do with the show, it has to do with us.. WE Built up this incredible universe for the transformers, WE are the ones with these amazing in depth characters, in our fan scripts and comics. Can we really expect anyone from Hollywood to understand that? No.

The script was garbage. the writers are hacks, and should definitely turn over their Pens. It took TWO people to write this crap, but then again, the writing of the original show wasn't so great either.. Ranters.. So in an odd twist, If you liked the Show for what it was, then you shouldn't have a hard time loving the movie.

If you expect more from your characters, then continue to turn towards the community, because thats where the true world of transformers live.

I had a good time, just not a great one. I'm neither upset nor impressed.

Heres a big fat C

Transformers 07 movie review

Posted by MindChamber - July 17th, 2007

Because its better than the fucking movie. Fuck Bay and his gay ass writers, for destroying everything we loved DAMNIT!