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fun game!

you have amazing timing. The attacks and the hits are perfect, with alot of weight and crunch, Stick figures get boring tho, and the game is too short but it was fun while it lasted

Cosmoseth responds:

Haha well animating isnt really my strong point :(



You got the online working great!!

now how about making an actual game that goes with it.

Rustygames responds:

You know not everyone spends 9-5 working on games which are essentially free to play. Thanks for being a nasty jerk though, that makes submitting to NG worth it!

really fun game

You have alot of neat elements, and its a pretty big game, I plan to go back and try for the achievements. congrats on getting this beast finished .
Overall its well done. My only gripe is the game could've been alittle faster. and while its good the the enemy simply dont run into your fist, it wouldve been nice if maybe your fiece attacks actually slid you into them, if only give keep the action flowing alil better. Nice work on the animation as well, they werent to complex but your characters were alot of fun to play with.

take care

I-smel responds:

Yeah, after I finished it I felt like the game was too slow and blocky. Too late in development to change something like that though. I've got my next game on my userpage now and it's stupid-fast to make up for it.

Thanks for the art, and review.

crazy indepth

with loads of style and humor.

the hairychest mode was a blast!

The-Swain responds:


If I were smart, i would have added a late-game Mindchamber robot that attacks the base. Oh well, maybe in the sequel? </not>


slow and painful

vultr responds:

thank you

late review for a fun game!

I played it again today and its still a load of fun! thanks for making such an awesome game

dietzribi responds:

You rule. HUGE THANKS :)

Good effort

I liked the art and the backgrounds for the most part. sadly the engine, and Im sure you worked hard on it, just doesn't have enough to keep things fresh. on top of that the player is overpowered so the gameplay ends up broken. I got to the second boss without losing a life, just by holding down the A button and the right arrow.
not sure how you didn't catch that before releasing it. Also is there any real use for the jump button? these are simple things you must ask yourself before even starting the engine. its all gotta work on paper first.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah, the jumping has its uses like jumping over spike balls, but most of the time it is just useless really.

Like I said in a previous response,"Although I think I have improved a lot on my previous game (Swept to the End), I still need to get better. The reason why I made this so easy was mainly because most people complained that Swept to the End was way too difficult. (Its also a sidescroller) I dunno, maybe I made it a bit too easy this time. I've realised how to make the hit detection much better while making this game, but way too late in production to implement it into this game. It will have to wait for my next project Im afraid :)"


great work.

this was awesome.
codewise this feels like the tightest mechanics yet.. congrates Bom..

Luis your sprites are amazing, you've come a long way dude.

everyone else great work.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks MC, those compliments mean a lot coming from you, just because you know your stuff. Oh, and you're usually so grumpy. :P


Gotta love That Dan.. Always two steps behind... first bitting our ads now I our direct store links.. So bad the store is worthless and doesnt actually Link to mechandise that pertains to the flash its linked from, but hey.. he's tryin. hehe.. I wish my job was as easy as Dan's,, Logging on to NG and staring at every new feature we implement must be tiring on the eyes.

as for the game.. I liked it alot.. nice effects great designs and best of all NO LAG!!.
I know I hated your edward game, but this is an improvement in leaps and bounds... good work.

Buzzwerd responds:

David tells me he PM'ed you, but I feel like responding anyways.
I'm gonna go ahead and ignore the bit about Dan, despite my empathy, cause I'm pretty sure David wouldn't be happy with me expressing my views since in a way we're both parts of a two headed dragon.

So thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked the game. And I'm happy it didn't lag for you, though sadly I'm pretty sure that's not the case for everyone. Its nice to get a review from an artist I truly respect, and its even better when the review is positive. Thanks a lot, I'll see you at comic con.



one of the most ingenious flash games in a long TIME!!... totally awesome.

the game takes the service games of late and turns it on its ass.. I love the fact that you can play this game as simply or as complex as you want.. variable difficulty is very hard to do, and mostly are lefts to the pros at Nintendo, but you nailed it... the physics are great, the art work is perfect. the presentation is excellent..

Major companies of casual games could learn a thing or two from you.

Infact we should all email a link to playfirst with this game before they shit out another DinerDash clone..


JohnnySedona responds:

Fucking MindChamber. Red Baron is one of my all-time favorite flash games, so your review really means a lot to me. I just sent my resume over to PlayFirst- maybe they'll go for it.

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