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this game should be alot higher

its very well done

excellent presentation and atmosphere

3D-xelu responds:

wow thanks :D

ur game was amazing too.. really enjoyed it :D

nice work

the art was great

and the pixel levels were evil haha

Ab9003 responds:

WE'RE NOT WORTHY *Bows Down*. Haha, big fan of your work sir! Thanks for checking out our game and happy to have such a classy gentlemen as a fellow member of this little Game Jam.

haha that was a blast!

Fun and addictive game will some great art. and style.

coding was tops. Im stuck on that level 10 jump but Ill be trying again soon

Joelasticot responds:

Hey, thanks man. I know the jumping could be a bit better but I'm glad it didn't affect your experience

Not bad!

Fun Game, I definitely can see the Madness Acelerant influences, but with some of your own personality mixed in for good measure (like the dudes screaming when lit up).. The game play as others have said is definitely a bit on the slow side for a shooter like this. I do like the idea of a second player on tap, and while it wouldve been nice if that second player actually helped, I just considered it a second life and was fine with it.
speed things up, add some more interesting explosions and you will do fine.
keep up the good work.

Spudzy responds:

Thank you Mindchamber! You're by far one of the best artists on Newgrounds.

nice work

really a fun survival game, with great lil upgrades. Love the dynamic movement of the roads and music

The-Swain responds:


awesome work

Loved the concept behind this, the art really pops and all the effects and animations are perfect. Love all the music choices too

OMG I cant believe you go Roldand Jenkins in there hes awesome.

keep up the great work

FrozenFire responds:

Wow thanks MC! :D means a lot coming from you

Good timing too I just sent you a PM haha

pretty but gimmicky

next time add double tap forward for a dash.

and embed your fonts.. making a pixel game with normal fonts looks stupid

EventHorizon responds:

~Really thanks for your review MindChamber and for your vote.~


lol welcome to the world of programmers.

with the exception of a minor few. Most see art as simply assets to their games, and artists as sentimental annoyances they must deal with when creating said games. And alot are insanely fucking lazy...

the smart thing to do, and what Edmund does, sniff around for a game that pretty much completed, and has a good solid engine/gameplay, and offer your artistic services.

NO PROGRAMMER EVER NEEDS ART UPFRONT to create a game, its utter bullshit. and while with the right programmer doing art at the same time can help boost motivation for both parties.. Programmers who care only about the bottomline (money) will not be inspired..

So in the future, if you know the programmer, do a background check, talk to previous artists they worked with, find out how many games they've actually completed.



make them use temp art until the game is playable, and actually is fun to play..

No honest programmer would be against this.

if not fuck them.. Dont take time out of your life when you could be creating to inflate some ego from a programmer who simply likes to see artist jump hoops

AlmightyHans responds:

thanks for the tips man

haha pretty awesome.

I was demterminded to get that green bot and i gott em!

very fun I loved it, as soon as Toms online ill have approve the medals n stuff

great work!

DieterTheuns responds:

Who are you and why are you reviewing this D:

nice work

this was every entertaining,

and the different story branches seem limitless,

PuffballsUnited responds:

Whoa thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

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