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Nice work! this was really a lot of fun to play, and clay rendered sprites were definitely refeshing! mustve taken forever!.
nice job!

Spudzy responds:

Yeah, it did take pretty long to do that. Cheers for the review!

nice work. plays really well, and the connection is smooth. Though you will probably need a player cap, as I went from 5 to 7 pages of players while i was playing. Now its saying loading 1 of 2 pages, but it never loads.

Mattster responds:

Yeah, a few people (including myself) have this issue... I believe it's something with the API D:

I loved it. Yes the animations and art could do with a bit more care, but I actually liked the fighting system, it was decent, and very in-depth. Some issues here and there with the timing of certain moves. and the combos, take a certain rhythm to get into them, but once you do its a lot of fun.
Love the attention to detain on the impact hit, effects and even the ability to combo into your super move. great work.

Godlimations responds:

hey cool, a comment from THE MindChamber :) Love your work man, and thanks for the cool comment, and point noted. :D

interesting concept,

but the turrets dont always fire when you double click them, and there should be some visual feedback to tell the player when the colors have been properly aligned.

Alrich95 responds:

I assume you are talking about the pattern mode. What sort of visual feedback would you suggest?

Awesome work, Loved all the NYC references, really nicely done.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks! :)

this game should be alot higher

its very well done

excellent presentation and atmosphere

3D-xelu responds:

wow thanks :D

ur game was amazing too.. really enjoyed it :D

nice work

the art was great

and the pixel levels were evil haha

Ab9003 responds:

WE'RE NOT WORTHY *Bows Down*. Haha, big fan of your work sir! Thanks for checking out our game and happy to have such a classy gentlemen as a fellow member of this little Game Jam.

haha that was a blast!

Fun and addictive game will some great art. and style.

coding was tops. Im stuck on that level 10 jump but Ill be trying again soon

Joelasticot responds:

Hey, thanks man. I know the jumping could be a bit better but I'm glad it didn't affect your experience

Not bad!

Fun Game, I definitely can see the Madness Acelerant influences, but with some of your own personality mixed in for good measure (like the dudes screaming when lit up).. The game play as others have said is definitely a bit on the slow side for a shooter like this. I do like the idea of a second player on tap, and while it wouldve been nice if that second player actually helped, I just considered it a second life and was fine with it.
speed things up, add some more interesting explosions and you will do fine.
keep up the good work.

Spudzy responds:

Thank you Mindchamber! You're by far one of the best artists on Newgrounds.

nice work

really a fun survival game, with great lil upgrades. Love the dynamic movement of the roads and music

The-Swain responds:


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