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nice work

you emulated RC proam perfectly, Rare would be proud :-D

LongAnimals responds:

People keep telling me this, but I've never played RC Pro-am :-)

change the size

the whit bars on top and bottom of the flash is because you didnt adjust the size to the games size. For a second there I thought this was a stolen flash because of it.

you should fix that.

Warnockworld responds:

Thanks for pointing that out, I put in 640x640 by accident.

Its like the Thing Thing game!

minus the game.

M4KBOT responds:

Your review's like a good review, minus the effort xD

But seriously though, this application was inspired by that Mech Dress Up game more than anything, although it does resemble the menu of thing-thing 4.

nice work

there are alot of great submissions in this.

JKAmovies responds:

Thank-you :P

fun game

great puzzles,

I couldnt pass the floadting ninjahead dropping boulders, but I had fun trying

EggysGames responds:

Thanks Mindchamber :D

great concept.

ingenious and hilarious way to spread your opinion. just wish the game was actually good. at best this is a click and grab gadget which hardly constitutes it as a game.

would love to see a real game out of you one day. Instead of hiding a mediocre game behind controversial subject matter

FunkWaxPuppie responds:

Aw.. but I LIKE controversial subject matter... =P

amazing game

the puzzles and the coding behind the physics are very well thought out and impressive. My only gripe is that it was a bit short.

heres to future installments.

CMU responds:

I always reckon it's better to be too short than to outstay your welcome! Leave people hungry for more, not bored and looking elsewhere.


That was really great, and I cant help but feel nostalgic about PanzerDragoon. But you also added alot of great touches of your own, and just like you nimian Flyer games each one is unique and impressive.

Loved it very much.

popopt responds:

Thanks. Actually, this game began life as Nimian Flyer Final. There was this HUGE outdoor Fantasy 3d world with chasms and clouds and mountains and forests and even a village - and then i was like 'i cant finish this' - so i sat down and thought about it, and i knew i wanted to try a heist story based on mySCIFI world Junxcity. So i created a pared down story and this is the result. So, there will definitely be a Nimian Flyer and Nimian Hunter sequel. I find those world in my head are more artistic - Junxcity is more satirical and action filled. Lately ive been thinking the two worlds are maybe even the same - who knows how these things work:)

Nice work guys

this is great. amazing what you did in such a short time! the boss battle looked incredible ansel you are a beast.

Ansel responds:

thanks, man :)

just wait til I finish something that isn't rushed horribly so i have to drop things and some of my art is never even used :C

hahah sweet

I like how when the Mounty shoots, bullets come out of his ass

thedo12 responds:

I made it that way just for you

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